Crayta Launch Week Impressions (Stadia Exclusive Game Creation Platform)

British game development studio Unit 2 Games has produced a fascinating creation platform exclusively for Google Stadia called Crayta. This project seeks to take advantage of the advanced processing power of Stadia and its distributed cloud computing performance felt on point. So far, the creations made in the game are quite hit or miss – even the official levels from Unit 2 Games often feel lacking. However, there is a potential here for great things.

In terms of launch speed, there seems to be way less creators on Crayta than there were on PS4’s February 2020 Dreams release (which we will also be revisiting soon, now that Media Molecule’s copyright system has been put into place). There are not that many levels as of yet, and the editor seems much more PC-application based. This is a good thing in some ways, while it could hinder UGC development at first. In the long run though, this could result in faster and tighter, more fun games being made within Crayta. But for now it means most people are doing well or can’t figure it out – there’s not a lot of middle ground.

This Story Featured on RGN Live:

The editor itself will be explored in a future impressions piece on Crayta. For now we can say it’s great that it looks a lot like a middleware application game devs might be familiar with, or even some portions which seem to look like Unreal Engine. Google’s engine is not terrible either. Although we do see a distinct lack of skins content so hopefully creators are able to make their own texture packs, animations, sound effects, character models, and objects; otherwise Unit 2 Games better get to work quickly, we will need content like that by the thousands per week in order to get this simulation world to feel interesting.

So this is just a start. We can’t grade something like this yet. We have mixed feelings about it, and shot a video of RGN Chief Jon Iro playing the first hour of various matches and levels being shared by creators online. Overall, it’s a net positive that Crayta exists. It also feels like the title will get a much higher level of attention by launching as a Stadia exclusive rather than just dropping on PC without a marketing budget.

It’s polished enough to show its potential, but time remains to be seen on whether or not this platform will have the staying power and community members needed to reach its full potential or not. It’s only been out for 5 days, but much of this content was made by Unit 2 Games themselves, or during the Alpha phases. If you’re on Stadia join our Discord in the sidebar and drop your username in there to join the RGN Testing Sessions.

Excerpt from Official Press Release:

  • “Our vision is to make high-quality game creation and publishing accessible to the mass market, enabling people of all ages, experience, ability and background to make and publish their own games for a global audience.
  • Creation and play in Crayta are real-time, multiplayer, seamless experiences and exist in the cloud via Stadia, without the need for separate downloads or additional creative tools.
  • Basic players can create and publish a simple multiplayer game in as little as 15 minutes (without the need to code or use other specialised skills).
  • Advanced developers can create complex games limited only by their imagination, iterate and improve on them using Crayta’s analytic dashboards. and even earn a revenue share from Unit 2 Games.”

Crayta is available now as part of Stadia Pro subscription or sold separately on Stadia for $39.99 USD.

Editor’s Note: This is a work-in-progress game with live online elements. The quality may change over time for better or worse.

Review Copy Info: RealGamerNewZ purchased a digital subscription for the purpose of this review.