Rumor Roundup – End of July

Update 7/31/2020: There were so many more rumors bursting through the final day of July we made another video, check it out now to keep up to date on all the gaming industry’s rumors before the big August Events take place (or at least are rumored too).

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Hey everyone, it’s Jon from RealGamerNewZ, and this is Rumor Roundup for the End of July 2020!

1. PS5 Event in 1 Week

Kicking things off there’s been an alleged date going around for a week now regarding Sony’s next PlayStation 5 showing. The June event seems to have satisfied fans while July was absent from a major State of Play or E3-style presentation despite the month being the 10th anniversary of PlayStation Plus. This could have been simply due to the fact that Sony is rumored to be planning their next event right around the corner. At the start of August, the 6th to be exact, a major State of Play presentation is said to be planned which will bring in more large first party franchises that people know and love returning after a long hiatus (I’m hoping for a new Killzone personally, even if it won’t be available at launch). Everything is rumored for this event but the truth is we just don’t know what to expect. Hopefully the timing is true though, as every so often we start to feel the quench return for PS5 News. Come on Sony, we’re getting thirsty here!

2. Halo Infinite: 343 Held Back Xbox Ray Tracing

Halo Infinite’s demo has issues, but the reason is not what you might think. No, it’s not just an old build, and it’s not only because it was running on a mid-tier PC dev kit. According to research from Digital Foundry as well as a rumor spinning out of ReviewTechUSA we now know that Halo Infinite was using high-scale Ray Tracing that was not fully active on the Condor dev kit being used to show off the title at the Xbox 20/20 July Event. The time of day chosen for this demo unfortunately has made it painfully clear. Experts say that this type of Ray Tracing lighting without the hardware of the XSX itself to support it caused this time of day to be a poor choice for 343 Industries who ended up having a lot of fans feeling like their demo was flat color-wise. In reality, a ton of next-gen detail was being drowned out by saturation caused from everything being in the valley of a shadow that was not properly Ray Traced as it should be in the final form of the game when it launches for Xbox Series X.

You can go check out the latest video by Digital Foundry to learn more about this, and check out ReviewTechUSA to hear about all the different dev kits Microsoft is sending to developers for making Xbox games. The rumor also claims that the Halo Infinite is a refined Open World experience with pockets of hand-designed areas in order to prevent from feeling random or generic and that there is already a second Xbox Series X SKU other than the lower-tier Lockhart console rumored to be releasing for xCloud use at lower resolutions. One final addition to the rumor is that Halo Infinite will launch with the Xbox Series X in both its single player campaign and multiplayer mode with no delays.

3. PS5 Activities Tab

According to game developers being interviewed by GameReactor in Spain, PlayStation 5 will be able to instantly resume a player’s save point in-game, jump back into an open world, or hop into precisely the racetrack they intended to – all from the PS5’s main menu without having to enter the game’s loading screens and menus first. This is called the PS5’s Activities Tab according to the leak which was an accident as developers thought they were allowed to speak on it. GameReactor has since removed the interview causing the game industry to speculate that they will be announcing the PS5 Activities Tab very soon, possibly at the rumored PS5 Event for August 6, 2020.

4. PS5 Swappable Faceplates

What is being claimed by ResetEra users as a leak from Wario64 shows images being tweeted from within a production factory making PS5 units. According to this rumor, the leaked images show a plastic clamp-on system for PS5’s side panels. This suggests that PS5 owners may be able to purchase custom panels to swap out on their console without having to buy an entirely new unit. Previous hints from Sony Vice President of User Interface Design also stated that the PS5 would be customizable in “ways previous gens weren’t” lending strength to these rumors.

5. Xbox Series S Controller

A new leak has emerged showing a white Xbox Series controller that many have thought leads to a white Xbox Series X. However, the xCloud-focused Xbox Series S AKA Project Lockhart is expected to launch with a white look to it, and the original leaker has since deleted the images of the white controller with new share button and Elite-style directional pad.

Well everyone, these are the 5 hottest leaks for the end of July 2020.
***(Bonus: Rumor #6, Watch the Full RGN Video to Find Out!)***

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