Space Colony: Steam Edition Announced w/ Steam Workshop Support + Trailer [HD 1080P]

With the revival of the Real Time Strategy genre in full swing thanks to titles like Homeworld Remastered and Grey Goo, a new challenger enters the ring (err… also known as the huge worldwide marketplace of Steam). Space Colony is a game that’s already been receiving praise from the press (because we all know how reliable they are right?) and is now making itself known to the world of dedicated Steam gamers out there. Firefly Studios contacted RealGamerNewz today to show us this trailer and let us know that there will be Steam Workshop support, level editor, Steam Cloud saves, Steam Achievements, and Steam Trading Cards among the enhanced features to expect.

Graphical fidelity of the game has even been improved over the original release. The original game touched down in 2012 on GOG and a few other places, so this isn’t exactly digging out a super old game, but the Creative Director for this development studio is quoted as saying the new graphics allow players to “view their entire colony while playing on a single screen.” which certainly gives the impression that bases are going to get pretty huge in this title. The final build is expected some time in Q2 2015 and Firefly Studios is excited as hell to be self-publishing on Steam since it gives them, as they put it so accurately, “total control.” and even going as far as to say “That’s a daunting prospect but without Steam’s help, empowering developers like Firefly, this new release wouldn’t be happening.”

Official 1080P Trailer:

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