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If you haven’t seen July Rumor Roundup Part I – check it out so you’re up to date as we enter August with intense expectations set for both Microsoft and Sony to show us more about our upcoming future with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

1. Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer: Free-To-Play, 120fps, Battle Pass

According to an alleged leak from Irish retailer Smyths Toys as reported by WCCF Tech we now know that Halo Infinite might feature a multiplayer mode with 120 frames per second. Previously Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries have confirmed the single player campaign for Halo Infinite will run at native 4K 60fps with DirectX RayTracing on Xbox Series X. However, the rumor goes on to claim that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will actually be free to play, available for anyone on Xbox, and will contain a battle pass system.

While some players are certainly concerned about this approach, we have decided to hold off on judgement until we can play the game in real world conditions. If this rumor is true, at least we will always have full lobbies for years to come! But hopefully the game can be more Halo than ever and not fade into the blend of so many battle pass style games out there these days. We will find out when Halo Infinite launches this Holiday 2020 at the same time as the brand new Xbox Series X console.

2. Xbox Live Gold Ends, Free Multiplayer on Xbox Starts January 2021

Paired with such a bombshell for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer details, another rumor has emerged with a lot of credibility to it. Journalist Jeff Grubb who has been providing leaks throughout this year’s Summer Game Fest season (in place of “E3”), is alleging that Xbox Live Gold will no longer exist next year and that Microsoft will simply provide free access to online gaming for all users while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users gain access to additional features such as xCloud Games Streaming, Beta participation, Cloud save storage, and more.

This rumor came about initially after the Xbox store stopped selling 12 month Xbox Live Gold passes and began to only sell 1 or 3 month passes. Then today Jeff Grubb made his public statement leaking the upcoming Xbox feature. This could be seen as a net positive for many gamers, and it would also make sense that Xbox Series X owners will be given some sort of 1 or 2 month trial to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, meaning they wouldn’t need to worry about Xbox Live Gold for the last couple months of the year either.

3. Gran Turismo 7 supports 8K and could be a PS5 Launch Title

Back at CES 2019 Polyphony Digital and Sony showed off one of the very first high quality 8K demonstrations. It was a prototype version of Gran Turismo Sport running at an actual native 8K resolution using a combination of powerful PC components and showing off the latest in television technology to attendees of the event including technology press and business men and women from all over the world. Come to find out, that demonstration may have been more than just a smoke and mirrors display of vision.

In fact, the computer parts in question could very well have been a precursor to testing the design philosophy of the PlayStation 5 using SSD to stream in high fidelity images without any dip in frame rate. We don’t know what frame rate the CES 2019 demo was running at, but we do know that it looked crazy even on leaked off-cam footage and was taking place on a huge TV.

Tons of rumors surrounding GT7 on PS5 are now surfacing. According to a Gran Turismo 7 Guide which is perpetually updated by Games Radar, the title will launch in November 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation 5 as a launch title. They even admit this is simply a rumor and the game might take as long as 2022 in reality. However, there is also a rumor circulating the internet about Sony creating a second edition of their popular PlayStation VR headset (AKA PS5 VR or PSVR2). Sony is said to be having the first headset compatible with PS5 VR games while also releasing a sequel to the unit which will bring new features to the table. Gran Turismo 7 is said to be one of the games leading the push for PSVR2.

In regards to the resolution, GT7 is said to be running at 8K and containing full 8K remasters of many original Gran Turismo maps from throughout the series while also re-establishing the core of the series single player campaign once again. Whether the game’s rendering resolution will be native 8K or not remains to be seen, although it is likely that the coming console generation will need to use tricks such as upscaling or reconstruction in order to achieve the 8K resolution – techniques that have come a long way and will probably look amazing for early adopters of the new visual standard.

Interestingly enough, there is still no mention of frame rate for Gran Turismo 7, even among so much speculation and rumors.

4. Spider-Man PS5 Remaster Bundled Free w/ Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is said to be one of the most high-end games on PlayStation 5 currently in development. The title will even present players with an option of 4K 60fps gameplay with RayTracing turned off or Dynamic Resolution and RayTracing turned on. For cinematic titles like this that is certainly going to be an appreciated option for players to compare and contrast between. However, it does show that RayTracing on the PS5 in its current form can be quite taxing – no matter how amazing it looks. As developers begin to master the PS5 this will become highly efficient over time.

What fans don’t know though, is that Sony might be planning to do a major PS5 Remaster for Marvel’s Spider-Man, the blockbuster PS4 title that took the world by storm in September 2018 after four years of development from Insomniac Games.

According to a rumor that started from scans of the latest Game Informer Magazine, Sony and Insomniac may have decided to include that full remaster bundled in with Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 5. If that’s true, either the price point could be higher because of it – or Sony and Marvel are trying to bolster up the brand by including an incredibly generous freebie. Of course, there’s also the possibility for a third scenario, Option C, Game Informer made a mistake or received outdated information from sources – leading to a misprint that was true at the time of printing but no longer true by the time the magazine has reached gamers’ hands.

5. PS5 DLSS AI patented for better 8K output

DLSS is an NVIDIA owned technology, meaning that the PlayStation 5’s version of this graphics processing feature must be a new AI invented by collaboration between Sony and AMD. It’s easy for something like this to get confusing and over-complicated for gamers but this is actually important to wrap our heads around. Sony’s new patent suggests DLSS style reconstruction by AI for upscaling for running higher resolutions like 4K or 8K without rendering it natively and instead rendering 4K or 1440p with AI filling in the rest of the pixel content.

Just like how the PS4 Pro used something called “Checkerboarding” to achieve 4K output the PS5 will have the ability for certain games to produce a 4K 60fps or 8K output with a lower native image. The good news is DLSS by NVIDIA (which stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling) is powered by AI and is much better at image reconstruction than traditional upscaling or even PS4 Pro’s checkerboard techniques. In fact, if you’ve played Death Stranding in 4K on PC then you already know how great DLSS looks and how the original PS4 game has been taken to new levels allowing for full RayTracing to be engaged without the need for such a drastic hit on framerate.

Just play at the native resolution your hardware can handle and let the AI reconstruct the rest to achieve the output resolution your display is built for. Or at least, that’s the theory. This is all still just a rumor and speculation as we head into brand new territory with the next-generation launch of PlayStation 5 coming this Holiday 2020.

6. Prototype for Final Fantasy 16

Resident Evil and Final Fantasy have been struggling to re-invent themselves and adapt to major changes in the game industry for a long time now. Resident Evil is finding a two prong strategy works well for them with high quality Remakes for older titles representing the core gameplay of the series and their newest mainline entries (RE7 and RE8) representing the vision of the franchise in general with experimental and high-tech gameplay twists such as HDR, PSVR. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 15 was a trainwreck of a development cycle that lasted from an announcement of the game on a Sony E3 Stage in 2006 as “Final Fantasy Versus 13” exclusive to PS3 and eventually salvaged into a successful product. What comes next cannot simply be a sequel to the project that was barely saved from disaster. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a huge success, which gives Square Enix the chance to delve into new gameplay twists with FF16.

However, they must re-capture the vision of the franchise in order for that to happen. Project Athia certainly looks intriguing and many aspects of its gameplay show promise. If it is indeed a prototype for Final Fantasy 16, we are off to a good start. But we need to see more changes being made to the formula as well as more of a Final Fantasy soul to the game being felt. Or perhaps Square Enix is finally taking years of advice from critics and just allowing themselves to produce a New IP without the safety net of calling something “Final Fantasy” if it truly isn’t.

Rumor has it that Project Athia is in fact a Final Fantasy 16 Prototype. Square Enix has recently said that the game is an Open World game. Skeptics expect that given the company’s track record, this project could take many years to produce. On the bright side, fans expect a lot of good news from this development. The return of adventuring and exploring a big open world with magic being represented in a new way and an even deeper focus into Action RPG gameplay over tactical, turn-based elements. They’ve also found evidence that the game from Luminous could in fact have already given itself away as the next Final Fantasy game coming.

Alternative Fan Analysis suggests that Project Athia is actually a formerly leaked title known internally as Project Crimson Arbitrum which could be a Final Fantasy XV-2 style game related to Agni’s Philosophy Tech Demo. Those who believe this expect that Final Fantasy XVI will be announced before the end of the Summer. At this point, it could happen at a Sony August Event but seems unlikely, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong about the other portion of their rumor. This portion of the rumor comes from Anthair on Reddit who claims the title is a AAA Action RPG created with the help of Ryota Suzuki.

Obviously Project Athia is drawing a lot of attention, and Final Fantasy games always gain a ton of rumors. We are only considering the theories which have supporting evidence at this time, and the results are inconclusive, but we will be keeping a close eye on this one for sure!

7. Doritos Promo for Black Ops: Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (Rumor) Double XP Doritos Logo allegedly spotted in the wild, could be a fake, but it looks pretty real. This is a contest said to be launching soon in which specially marked bags of Doritos provide gamers with codes for a chance to win Double XP for an entire year. There are even contest details such as a maximum of 160 codes per person and an end date of January 31st, 2021 with a limit of 1 Hour Double XP redemption per day and 40 Hours total throughout the contest.

They also mention that this is only valid for the full game Multiplayer mode only, meaning that free-to-play segments like Modern Warfare’s Warzone might be connected to Cold War but will not be eligible for this Doritos Promotional Contest. This is just more evidence that the next Call of Duty game is coming soon, named Cold War, and releases October 5, 2020. The Original Source of this Rumored Leak is TheGamingRevolution on YouTube and the story has been reported far and wide by many outlets including The Sun.

Early leaks for Cold War suggested the game would take place primarily in Vietnam while now it seems that the Russian-American Cold War period is entirely the focus with proxy wars being supported to destabilize regional power in a bid to overcome their rival without provoking or engaging in direct warfare. Since Call of Duty is a fictional series, it is likely that we will see pop culture lore such as sexy Russian spy agents, American CIA, British MI-6 style operatives, and other embellishments from the well known historical era. Activision and Doritos have remained silent about the leak for now.

Well everyone, these are the 7 hottest leaks for the end of July 2020.
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