This Is Why Xbox Lockhart Is So Cheap? (Rumor Roundup)

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Hey everyone it’s Jon from RealGamerNewZ
and this is Rumor Roundup for the beginning of August 2020.

Intel Backdoor software, more Spotify Video contracts, a sequel to the Oculus Quest and more are explored in today’s Rumor Roundup full of solid leaks from known sources.

1. Jay Park (Jay-Z’s latest artist signed) training for MMA?

Multi-platinum, Korean-American hip-hop and R&B artist Jay Park owns record labels AOMG, H1GHR, and is the latest artist to sign to Jay-Z’s record label. Recently the KPOP / Hip Hop idol has signed Zombie Korean MMA fighter to his AOMG record label and has been seen training MMA side by side as well as performing with a shirt off at H1GHR Music concerts recently. This would be the next in a long line of celebrities and musicians who have taken up fighting as another possible talent.

2. Spotify Video preparing to take YouTube head-on

Spotify Video is snapping up top YouTubers with cash deals which could include controversial personalities like Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau who have been facing an uphill battle with YouTube higher-ups censoring the platform’s many self-made stars despite public backlash against the practice. This falls in line with Joe Rogan, the #1 Podcaster in the world and biggest personality on YouTube announcing an $100 Million exclusive contract with Spotify and moving out of California to Texas alongside billionaire genius Elon Musk. There’s even a Michelle Obama show coming exclusively to Spotify Video. YouTube’s days as #1 will soon be challenged.

3. Oculus Quest 2 to be revealed September 15th? (Rumor)

A new Oculus Quest could be on the way with all of its original features intact and even improved. After selling over a million units of hardware and over a million units of software the Oculus Quest has solidified itself as a standalone VR platform taking up nearly 15% of the VR headset market and projected to grow to 25% of the estimated $154 Billion VR industry in 2023. If you haven’t got an Oculus Quest yet you are seriously missing out!

4. Xbox Lockhart $199 with no controller (Rumor)

A version of Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen Xbox has been allegedly leaked through the Xbox All Access program (credit installments) showcasing an Xbox Lockhart SKU with no controller in order to lower the price even further than previously thought possible. For those who already own an Xbox controller for the PC or Xbox One this could also help save some money for the consumer. Jeff Grubb, who is a games journalist and accurate leaker this year, brought forth the information. Microsoft still hasn’t announced Xbox Lockhart and has not responded to requests for comment on this rumor / leak.

5. Leak: 20GB of Intel

Just wow… Intel Data stolen because the password was intel123. Do they just want publicity? They released a statement that simply says they were “not hacked” and that they are looking into avoiding future mistakes such as this by bolstering their security. In terms of the leaked contents itself, most of it doesn’t seem very notable. However, there was some code discovered in a file called “Backdoor” in the Firmware section of Intel’s software which has led some researchers to suggest foul play on the part of Intel cooperating with authorities around the world to provide secret access to any computer in the world. That, of course, won’t make it to your headline news – and is a topic for another day.

Well everyone, these are the 5 hottest leaks for the beginning of August.
***(Bonus: Rumor #6, Watch the Full RGN Video to Find Out!)***

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