A Fox Tale and the secret Spiritual Message within (IndieSpotlight)

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Check out this 2021 indie platformer now for the first time on RealGamerNewZ! But not only that, check out our behind-the-scenes look at the message behind the game and what led up to its inspiring theme.

The life experience of a solo game developer who quit his job to pursue a happier existence and the struggles all people face with self-forgiveness became the catalyst for an upcoming Adventure Platformer called A Fox Tale. The IndieSpotlight series for RealGamerNewZ returns with this interview podcast between the creator of A Fox Tale and our Editor-In-Chief Jon Ireson. In this chat we talked about the upcoming project, everything which led up to it, even Danny’s favorite game console. Keep an eye out for A Fox Tale on Kickstarter coming September 2020 and Wishlist the game on Steam today.

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“Take a dark and magical journey in this four-legged story platformer.” Nottingham, UK

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