Rumor: Halo Infinite Xbox One / One S version cancelled, xCloud instead

According to a new rumor sourced from previously correct leakers allegedly within Microsoft (sources below), one of the biggest Halo projects ever made is being forced between a rock and a hard place. After the recent announcement of the delay for Halo Infinite which will now arrive in 2021 rather than at the launch of Xbox Series X this Holiday 2020 we now have heard that 343 Industries is trying to listen to its fans by dropping the Xbox One and Xbox One S support for the game which was apparently holding the entire project back.

It has been said by the Microsoft insider that Halo Infinite was struggling to run at 900p 60fps on the Xbox One original console and Xbox One S as well. Keep in mind, the title has been built on a $500 million budget with a brand new SlipSpace Engine, on a 3Gbps+ NVMe SSD whereas the Xbox One and One S only have an old-school 5400RPM mechanical hard drive with data transfer speeds measured in Mbps instead of Gbps (an order of magnitude slower). It makes sense that we are hearing the game failed to load assets in a timely manner and would suffer from pop-in, failure to v-sync, and excruciating loading times all over the place.

Due to the work at home situation, and these unexpected issues with the old consoles, Microsoft is allegedly making the executive decision to stop making those versions of the game and just focus on that of the Xbox Series X and (rumored) Xbox Series S versions of the title as well as PC. This could also be due to the fact that MS feels the Halo IP is so important that they’re willing to delay the game to 2022 if it was really necessary. By that time, the Xbox One itself would be outdated anyways.

The good news is that there may still be a way for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to be able to play Halo Infinite no matter how old their consoles are. This is thanks to xCloud. With streaming Halo Infinite players on old hardware would be able to experience a much better gameplay and graphics performance than the version which was cancelled, if they have good internet.

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Some Info Sourced: “Verified MS Insider” via VGC