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What’s up everybody we’ve got a ton of juicy gaming news to catch up on today including the brand new Xbox Series S reveal, price for the Series X and S, specs analysis on new graphics cards, Oculus Quest 2, Cyberpunk, COD, Mario, Konami, and more!

1. Xbox Series S Price and Release Date Revealed

At $299 USD, Xbox Series S is the entry level option for next-gen console gaming. Ray Tracing enabled, and same CPU as Xbox Series X, but with less CUs for the graphics card side of the chip, and no disc drive. The look of the console was shown today by Microsoft in an Official Reveal Trailer that kept it short, simple, and sweet.

Xbox Series S Specs include:

– 1440P Base Render Resolution (Up to 4K Upscaling)
– 4K Media Streaming (On Demand, Netflix, YouTube, etc.)
– Up to 120 Frames Per Second (120fps Display Required)*
– 512GB Custom NVMe SSD (Incredibly Fast Load Times)
– Digital Only (No Disc Drive)
– VRS (Variable Rate Shading)
– VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)
– Ultra Low Latency

While it might not quite be the $199 xCloud device we are waiting for but definitely a serious value proposition for those to consider next gen.

Fall is setting in and Holiday 2020 is approaching. The Xbox Series S was given a launch date of November 10, 2020 and Xbox Canada have confirmed a launch price of $379.99 CAD (which is almost $15 less than the direct conversion, an appreciated measure by Microsoft towards fostering good will with Canadian consumers. This will be the cheapest way to get a fully working Ray Tracing console compatible with the next five or so years of gaming and possibly more. Let us know in the comments if you’re going for the Series S, especially knowing we may see a PS5 Pro and similar Xbox refresh after a few years.

2. Xbox Series X Price Revealed

The more powerful version of Xbox next-generation console gaming had its price confirmed today as part of the Xbox Series S global announcement. Xbox Series X features 12Teraflops of power, tons of high-end hardware, custom integrated circuitry, and NVMe SSD combined with 4K Blu Ray drives.

There’s an option through credit-approval financing called Xbox All Access in USA which will allow American gamers to pay $25 per month to own the Series S or $35 per month for the Series X.

For more on the Xbox Series X check out and keep it locked on our YouTube and Facebook Gaming channels.

3. Oculus Quest 2 Incoming

The Oculus Quest is being delisted from Retail Stores, and a Next-Gen Quest expected at Facebook Reality Labs’ Press Conference September 16, 2020.

4. Black Ops Cold War MP reveal tomorrow

At 10am Pacific Time on September 9, 2020 gamers will be granted access to the Black Ops Cold War: Worldwide Multiplayer Reveal digital event.

Streamers have been playing a ton of the game, under NDA, and are not able to show footage yet – but will be soon. Dr. Disrespect and others have claimed it feels like the best COD title ever in terms of gameplay. Dr. Disrespect is also a game designer who has worked in various titles both hands-on and in advisory roles as well. Be sure to tune in to the reveal and get ready for the next chapter in Call of Duty history launching in just 69 days.

The new multiplayer game will share progression with Call of Duty: Warzone while its single player campaign hasn’t even been released yet and is already drawing some controversy over its depiction of human shields according to ESRB posted ratings.

5. Terminal map added to Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the most requested maps in the COD franchise has been added to the smartphone version of the game COD: Mobile. This title has been surprisingly true to the series in a way that no previous mobile COD game has accomplished, and as such its playerbase is huge and dedicated. Terminal is a map from Modern Warfare 2 featuring an airport, its terminal, planes, and various iconic flanking scenes such as knocking out all of the windows while hunting down a target. The map is also very interesting for objective modes as there is a mix of out in the open areas and discreet hiding spots.

6. Super Mario 35 Anniversary JoyCon

In addition to the limited edition remasters of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the limited edition battle royale game Super Mario World 35, and rumors of a Switch Pro model coming in 2021, Nintendo has also been seen patenting a new JoyCon remote. Speculation on a patent filed regarding the Nintendo figure of a solo JoyCon (not pair), has led to the conclusion that this device could be sold as a Super Mario 35 Anniversary Edition JoyCon for use in Super Mario Galaxy’s Co-Star mode since Nintendo Switch Lite users have no motion sensor otherwise and no ability for a second player to detach controls.

7. A Fox Tale IndieSpotlight Update

A Fox Tale is a Pixel Art Platformer by Danny Preet of Nottingham, UK and was featured on our RealGamerNewZ YouTube Channel’s IndieSpotlight segment ahead of its Kickstarter release. With 22 days left to go, A Fox Tale has surpassed a quarter of its funding goal so far with 190 backers and has raised ‎£3,772 of its ‎£15,000 goal ($4,901 / $19,487 USD)! Check it out in the links in our description and don’t miss out on some incredible perks in the Kickstarter tiers.

8. Happy Birthday Mega Ran, Thanks for the New Music

Hip Hop and Video Games Legend Raheem Jarbo AKA Random AKA Mega Ran has been consistently dropping new music online, even during his birthday! We are planning to take a closer look at these works on the Jon iRo vlogging YouTube as well as on RealGamerNewZ YouTube, for now make sure to head over to and support Real Gamer Fam and Real Hip Hop today!

9. CyberPunk 2077 Single Player has No Microtransactions

According to CD Projekt RED, headlines are being overblown to misrepresent recent comments about their game from insiders and developers at the studio. According to their new statement, the multiplayer for CyberPunk 2077 is a separate game with potential monetization that has been designed to feel good for players according to the developer who claimed it to be “not aggressive”. CD Projekt RED also maintained their promise that the single player game will not feature any Microtransactions at all and that they plan to release free DLC as well as potentially paid Expansion Packs if the game is popular enough to justify it.

10. Zone of the Enders copyright refreshed by Konami

While Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS quietly goes for bargain bin prices on PS4 via Amazon, Hideo Kojima has moved on to bigger, different things. While allegedly working out an agreement with Konami and Sony to produce Silent Hills, we’ve also seen Death Standing release to mixed reviews due to its immersion-centric, abstractism approach.

Konami has now renewed the Copyright and Trademarks associated with the Zone of the Enders series, and some fans are foaming at the mouth for what it could mean. Unfortunately, Konami is a company which has been run by a dynasty that is in its decaying stage. This unpredictable, reprehensible corporation may or may not be able to produce any games of substantial quality at this time despite their stellar history of blockbuster franchises. But for those who still have hope, this could finally be a first step towards the right direction.

11. NVIDIA reveals RTX 3070, 3080, 3090

Experts still have to get their hands on next-gen game consoles, and graphics cards from NVIDIA, before the final power measurements should be taken seriously about all of these products. According to LinusTechTips of Vancouver, the partnership between Samsung and NVIDIA has eliminated the need for higher pricing seen when NVIDIA was uncertain with TSMC. This generation of graphics cards is being hailed as the best offer available to gamers in decades.

NVIDIA will be largely taking a dive on pricing in their new 3000 series GPU lineup. With a significantly more powerful lineup, and RTX ON no longer being a burden, these graphics cards severely undercut their last-gen counterparts, and in some cases for as little as half the price.

Some Features of Next-Gen RTX GPUs Include:

– PCIe 4.0
– Upgraded Tensor Cores
– DOUBLE The CUDA cores
– DirectStorage Support (Xbox’s NVMe SSD replicated in Windows)
– “G6X” GDDR6X on 3080 and Above
– New 12V Power Connector

Ampere Architecture: New Samsung 8nm “8N” FF

RTX 3070: 8GB GDDR6,
Price: $499+ USD / Release Date: October 2020

RTX 3080: 10GB G6X, 30 Shader TFlops, 58 RT Flops, 238 Tensor TFlops
Price: $699+ USD / Release Date: September 17, 2020

4K ShadowPlay with Ray Tracing is expected to be supported with both new cards.

There’s also NVIDIA Broadcast which uses Tensor cores for AI calculations that automatically remove background noise and images without a green screen and in very high quality. Beyond that, NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima is a full software suite allowing for game libraries and tools to be manipulated into brand new scenes, allowing creators to make fully virtual scenes from scratch using already existing software and the hardware of the RTX graphics cards.

There’s even the RTX 3090, a triple sized insanity 8K graphics card which can even record ShadowPlay in 8K of its own 8K gameplay.

RTX 3090: 24GB G6X, 36 Shader TFlops, 69 RT Flops, 285 Tensor TFlops
Price: $1,499+ USD / Release Date: September 24, 2020

*Bonus* Rumor: Tune in to the video on YouTube to find out more.

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