Xbox Virtual Press Briefing (Leaked)

What’s up everyone, in today’s video we discussed the recently leaked Xbox Virtual Press Briefing as well as our thoughts on the Xbox Series S and Microsoft’s vision for next-gen as it compares to the competition. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thanks for checking us out. Let us know your predictions in the comments section and we will read it on air during our next show giving you a shout-out. Until Next Time, Keep it Real & Keep it Gaming. Peace!

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The show opens up with Phil Spencer and Cindy Walker talking about the vision of Xbox manifesting into reality. Phil Spencer came in to control of the Xbox brand recently after a loyal career with Microsoft and his experience as a life long gamer.

This new team and their vision was to put gamers first, and that’s what today’s launch of xCloud represents, bringing gaming to more people. Xbox Game Pass came about from this vision as well.

Powerful next-generation game consoles were also born of this vision. Project Scorpio (Xbox One X) has been used as an experimental way of learning how to implement what Xbox wanted to do. Becoming a line of consoles with multiple price points gave birth to Smart Delivery and Backwards Compatibility.

Phil Spencer says “Project Scarlet is the name of the generation,” adding, “we knew we were going to be releasing multiple consoles into the home,” talking about how its also new blades into the Azure servers running xCloud.
“Games need to feel as good as they look with 120hz and 120 frames refresh rate”

“People are going to play games on Scarlet that will feel like nothing they’ve ever played on console.”

“Lockhart is our wost kept secret. I can’t wait for everybody to experience it.”

After this chat we are shown the Xbox Series S Reveal which was launched by Microsoft on Twitter a couple days ago after leaking. This console is a cheaper option for players in 1080P and 1440P resolution up to 120 fps and with SSD, Ray Tracing, at just $299 USD to be released November 2020. This console has the same CPU as Xbox Series X but is all digital, no disc drive, and features a much smaller design with less GPU power. (In Canada the unit will run for #379 CAD)

Smallest Xbox Ever
Just over 4 lbs
11 x 6 ”

Xbox Series X – designed to be the most powerful console ever made

Xbox Series S – deliver all the core features of next-gen gaming, HFR, faster load times, more dynamic open worlds.

Some didn’t buy last gen until it was cheaper

Decrease in cost will not happen this gen

Many consumers only want high frame rate over high resolution

Co-engineered a custom SOC with AMD a new chip with Zen 2 and RDNA 2 technology

Similar CPU Performance
Identical I/O Performance
GPU designed for 1440p/120fps
(compared to Xbox Series X at 4K/120fps)
Hardware Scaler included to pump up to 4K
Dolby Vision included on apps and games in Spring 2021
Xbox first console to support Dolby Vision for games
Xbox also supports Dolby Atmos


Specs are hard to compare across generations as we’ve been learning from Digital Foundry, but in this Xbox presentation, we are told some basics of what to expect.

Xbox Series S is 4 times the processing power of Xbox One X but similar in graphics even though next-gen graphics are more advanced so Teraflops don’t tell the whole story

Xbox One X was designed to be the most powerful console at the time, and first console with true 4K gaming.

Xbox Series S is trying to bring next-gen gaming to more people at a lower price

512GB SSD selection was discussed for the Xbox Series S. This was a balance for cost, but the system also supports SSD expansion from Seagate through Official Xbox expansion cards and USB 3.1 External HDDs.

Games were shown running on Xbox Series S and looked amazing including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion by Ubisoft, and more.

Backwards Compatibility in 4K and 1440p is talked about as the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series are all available on one platform. Smart Delivery enables players to buy a game once, then get the best version of that game on any console with their save files carrying over and all.

Sarah Bond is the Head of Xbox Partnerships & Ecosystem and works with third party. Every time she speaks it is exciting. During this event she came with the fire once again letting us know that third party has reacted strongly to the new Xbox Series X, Series S, and Game Pass as new levels of opportunities and success.

There are now 4 x as many partners and 90% of Xbox partners are on Game Pass including Take-Two, Bungie, Square Enix, Epic Games, and more. There are over 20 titles Gen-9 optimized which will be available on Game Pass confirmed so far, and more. All first party titles will still be available with Game Pass and over 90% of subscribers have said that they’ve tried games they otherwise never would’ve tried.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass on PC is discussed as well, with Wasteland 3 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Game Pass on PC will exit Beta on September 17, 2020. Over 100 games become available on September 15, 2020 as xCloud launches for Android to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

“Commitment to putting the gamer at the center,”

Shared library of games with friends as you’ve all got Game Pass

Next, A new announcement for Xbox Game Pass followed a big sizzle reel.

EA Play will be available as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for no extra charge) and Xbox Game Pass for PC, subscribers can play the best of EA’s titles without paying anything. Coming Holiday 2020

Something to note about this leak is that whoever did it probably works somewhere in middle management at Xbox. That doesn’t mean that Phil and team wanted it leaked necessarily, but much of this presentation has been clipped out and not leaked yet. There will still be some big announcements to come if the event fully airs soon.

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