When it rains it pours. A ridiculous amount of Space / Strategy style games have been flooding the market, and while we’re certainly grateful for that genre revival which was so desperately needed – this is starting to be overwhelming. Firaxis and 2K Games have brought Sid Meier’s Starships out a couple of days ago with a turn-based gameplay style. The title will come out for Windows PC but there are also Mac OS X and iOS versions for those of the Apple army breed of gamer.

Some mechanics from the well known Civilization series appear to have influenced the game, but there are plenty of differences here. Players build fleets of starships which then take part in combat missions while using battle cards mid-game to boost abilities, influence entire worlds to join their federation, building research labs across the galaxy, and can win matches in various ways such as by achieving a large population / scientific stronghold or of course just killing every ship your opponent possesses.

There is currently a bit of drama associated with this title as it has launched with potential frame rate issues and may have failed to reach the higher resolution graphics which PC Gamers often enjoy. That being said, the gameplay design and experience looks very intriguing and we will reserve judgement until its actually in our hands.

Official 1080P Dev Diary Videocast:


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