ScrewAttack Announces its New 2015 Lineup

The wildly popular video game entertainment channel, ScrewAttack has revealed its 2015 lineup of content. Featuring five new shows and three returning fan favorites, the 1.3 million plus subscribed channel will offer viewers even more video game news, gameplay, trailers and original content than ever before. The first of its new shows will kick things off on January 2, 2015 at 6pm PT, 9pm EST.

“Our 2015 lineup is going to deliver a fresh, new take on the content we already know our fans love, and bring back favorites we know they can’t live without,” said Craig Skistimas, co-founder and General Manager of ScrewAttack. “As our amazing community continues to grow, we’re going to keep pushing the boundaries by giving more perspectives on video games and the games industry.”

ScrewAttack’s New Shows and Starting Times:

  • DEATH BATTLE Breakdown! – ScrewAttack’s hit series DEATH BATTLE causes a lot of controversy and conversation–just look at the comments on YouTube! Join the creators of the series live after each show as they tell you how they came to their conclusion, answer live questions from the audience and give you a sneak peek at the next episode. Premieres Friday, January 2nd.
  • The Desk of DEATH BATTLE! – Did you know Batman once time traveled and used mace on a caveman and later made out with his own mom? Crazy, right?! While doing TONS of research for our hit show DEATH BATTLE, sometimes the most ridiculous information gets left on the cutting room floor… but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be shared! Join Jocelyn the Intern (voiced by popular internet personality Lisa Foiles) as she guides the viewer through some of the most amazing (and silly) moments from their favorite video game, comic and anime characters. Premieres Sunday, January 4th.
  • Available Now Podcast – There are so many games nowadays that it’s tough to keep track of!  Join Sean, Shaun and Sam as they fill you in on what you need to know for the week, what you need to keep an eye on, what they’re playing and what’s not worth playing. Premieres Tuesday, January 6th.
  • Great Moments in Gaming History – The video game industry hasn’t always been the powerhouse it currently is. Join ScrewAttack founder Stuttering Craig as he takes you through some of the most famous… and infamous… moments in video game history. Premieres Wednesday, January 7th.
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Returning Favorites:

  • ScrewAttack Top 10 – One of ScrewAttack’s most popular features is finally returning! Join ScrewAttack founder Stuttering Craig as he counts down everything in the gamer/geek space from 10 to 1.
  • The Best EVER! – Join the ScrewAttack crew and other popular internet personalities as they tell you what makes them tick as gamers. What’s the best Sonic villain? What’s the best level in Call of Duty? We’ll tell you in our own, unique ways with our own unique personal stories.
  • Reasons We Love and Hate – The ScrewAttack crew looks at the best in gaming while Evil Craig looks at all the crappiness. It’s EVERYWHERE!

Want more info then visit or check out ScrewAttack on YouTube. You can also check out their latest DEATH BATTLE Matchup:


Deadpool VS Deathstroke


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