If you need to find the most detailed and complete guide to GTA V, then look no further. The team over at BradyGames has put together a fantastic signature series strategy guide to any GTA V knowledge you may be searching for, all in one great looking package. From the minute I first saw this guide it just screamed collectible with just under 500 highly detailed full color pictures made from tear resistant pages front to back to ensure long lasting use while keeping it looking fresh. I knew this guide would be a serious commodity to the story mode section of the game but it also completely covers the entire online mode as well all platforms in this one book. The table of contents is set on two open pages with only eight categories so you can see everything the without having to flip over a page.

Every single stat from each character’s details to weapons, vehicles, and everything you can think of is broken down to help you make those educated purchases without having to interrupt any of your time in game. I especially enjoy the map sections that have been fitted perfectly to the pages with high resolution making it super easy see and navigate all areas without having to stop traveling to change screens.

After using this guide for awhile I would say it is definitely worth picking up, whether you have been playing GTA V for awhile and want to find something you have been looking for a long time, or your just starting out and need help getting around and understanding the game and characters functions. Two thumbs up for BradyGames for putting out a quality product that will remain useful and more importantly useful! So go get your own, because this one’s mine. There’s still time before Christmas if you know anyone who is playing GTA V on any console they would definitely appreciate this signature series strategy guide. At $24.99 it is a bargain.

Main Story Missions: A complete walk-through of the game, you won’t miss anything and following these pages while playing through the story mode will ensure that you get the most efficient progress towards unlocking all achievements. Each contract is broken down into extreme detail with step by step, maps, side notes, and even easter egg nuggets of information. It is also shown how much progress towards a platinum trophy is gained per mission.

Vehicle Showroom: GTA V has tons of vehicles, and with even more expanded for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it’s impressive to see them all in one place. Top Speed, Braking, Acceleration, and Traction are broken down for each vehicle in the game (which is an insane amount of detail for a guide of such quality). It would have been nice to be able to see the Armor / Health attribute of each vehicle, but we’re not sure entirely how that works and why it was omitted. There could be development reasons, it’s hard to say exactly. Some vehicles have an extra mode such as the ability to get Turbo or Custom Exhaust systems. It’s nice to be able to rapidly thumb through and have those abilities highlighted on these pages. This saves an incredible amount of time car hunting for the right vehicle that can do it all. Now you just find it in the guide, then get it in the game.

Stranger and Freaks, Random Events, Hobbies and Pastimes: This section includes everything you can do outside of the normal story missions for Grand Theft Auto V including Arms Trafficking Air, Arms Trafficking Ground, Assassination Missions, Bail Bonds, Parachuting, Endless Summer: Taxi Missions, and that’s not even half of them. Custom maps for particular moments in the game when players are looking for Triathlons, Races of all kinds, or just exact weaponry.

This guide has everything you need, even an in-depth look at GTA Online, now if we can just get Heists released that would be great!

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this guide was provided to RealGamerNewz by BradyGames for the purpose of this Review.

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