Harley Quinn Enters the Ring in New Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Mods

Take a look at Harley Quinn, sporting a bunch of various outfits. Inspired by the fans, the following mod has been made available for USF4 on PC. Gamers can now manually modify their game to play as Harley Quinn in Street Fighter. Check out the details on where to find this mod, who created it, and how to install it. As always, take caution while using mods and make sure to do your research first. It’s best to have a friend help out if possible.

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Deviant Art – http://siegfried129.deviantart.com/art/USF4-Harley-Quinn-color-pack-505121865

Direct Download Link*

*(Hosted on Deviant Art by the creator of this mod, use at your own risk if you know how to install mods)

Install instructions:

1. First create folder “chara” inside this folder “Program FilesCAPCOMSuper Street Fighter IV – Arcade Editionpatch_ae2battle” or “SteamSteamAppscommonSuper Street Fighter IV – Arcade Editionpatch_ae2″(depend on version you use)
2. Then create folder for respective character, eg: CDY, KEN, MKT, RYU, etc (even GKX, RYX, YAN and YUN can be placed here too).
3. And finally just extract or copy the mod into above folder.
4. Run the game to see the result.

NOTE1: also works with stage, sound, hud or other mods (at least on USF4).

List of some special character folder:

1/Abel :”JHA” (SSFIVAE,USFIV) and “ABL” (in SF X TEKKEN)
2/Rufus:”CHB” (SSFIVAE,USFIV) and “RFS” (in SF X TEKKEN)
3/C.Viper: “AGL”
4/El Fuerte : “RIC”
5/Seth : “BOS”
6/Evil Ryu : RYX
7/Oni: GKX
8/Akuma : GKI
9/M.Bison(Dictator) : VEG
10/Balrog(boxer) : BSN
11/Vega(Claw) : BLR

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