Evolve DLC Prices Getting Criticized by Gamers, Is It Too Much?

If you pre-order and play in the Beta right now, your progress will transfer over – you will get that skin – and you will get that monster. This is definitely an appreciated advantage to what Turtle Rock Studios is providing with Evolve. However, recently they have been drawn to scrutiny about their DLC pricing per monster and hunter.

The Hunting Season Pass comes for $24.99 and includes 3 monster skins as well as 4 hunter characters. Players can opt to not pay for it and they will still end up fighting against the more advanced monsters, and alongside the more advanced hunters or they can pick and choose Individual DLC which are priced at $14.99 per monster or $7.49 per hunter. The pre-order monster will be sold as well for $14.99 if you didn’t get the chance to do so.

On the flip side of things, new maps are free and it appears that hunters and monsters purchased as DLC will appear in matchmaking with players who don’t pick up the DLC as well, thus preventing the splinter of Evolve’s community. This is being looked at by many as acceptable, while getting criticized by others. Some say it is similar to Destiny and has an MMO type of feel to the way it’s designed.

Is this too much?

Please leave your thoughts below in RGN’s comment section for Turtle Rock Studios to see.


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