Dev Diary for New RTS “Offworld Trading Company” Revealed, Seeks #Gamers Feedback

The rush to space is real, found your own colony or get left behind in the dust with new RTS game OTC AKA Offworld Trading Company, by Mohawk Games.

The team behind Offworld Trading Company, a new Real Time Strategy game hitting Steam Early Access on February 12, 2015, is looking for the feedback of veteran gamers on the PC platform playing RTS games. They’ve stated a commitment to the community and a willingness to take feedback seriously. And yet, this title is already showing a unique and fairly established identity for itself.

Taking place on Mars, Offworld Trading Company is a diverse type of RTS that allows for corporate espionage, eco-system manipulation, EMP technology, competitive financials, environmental resources with fluctuating prices, and much much more. Mars is a place where survival is key, just imagine that on a micro / macro scale but done with more of the great aspects from traditional RTS games.

The following developer diary video blog was posted up by Stardock Games who is publishing this title developed by Mohawk Games.

The video is hosted by Soren Johnson (Founder at Mohawk Games, Co-Designer of Civilization III, Lead Designer of Civilization IV) who states that “the games are very dynamic, no two games are ever the same in Offworld.”

Age of Empires and Star Craft are stated as some of the team’s biggest influences with a love for the genre and a hunger for innovative RTS experiences at the heart of this project.

Not only is this a scenario that mankind may actually face in real life, but its a game with an original concept in a genre that seems to be revitalizing itself with top-notch entries. We are happy to see this Developer Diary and urge more developers to do these types of productions to let players know what their vision is and what their games are all about rather than the often mis-communicative trailers that Early Access titles sometimes get.

Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Stardock’s YouTube and get your voices heard.

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