HATRED’s New Gameplay Trailer Earns its A-O Rating

Today Destructive Creations released a second gameplay trailer to the industry’s most controversial game  to date, “Hatred”. The game has been criticized for its hyper-realistic violence, heavy blood and gore and merciless killing of innocent people due to the main character’s hated for himself and man-kind at large. In the months that followed the release of the game’s initial trailer the game was put on, pulled off, and then put back on Steam, and has received an A-O (Adults Only)  rating  from the ESRB. In the trailer below the main character goes on a rant about how people value there homes, possessions and take pride in their “fake” lives as he proceeds to level buildings with a Flamethrower and Molotov cocktails  then as the buildings in inhabitants run out side he proceeds to move them down with shotguns, pistols and fully-automatic weapons.

The trailer made me cringe as I was watching it because because in my mind it made me wonder who would do things like this, why are they so angry with their life, and why do they have to harm others due to their self hate and depression? The creative team at Destructive Creations are really hitting a nerve with this game and though it’s a title that I myself may not purchase to find out this character’s back story and see if there is any justification in the senseless killings the game’s antagonist and ultimately the player will commit. In a time of heavy civil unrest, mass shootings, and terrorism Hatred is the only game daring to go into these territories head-on and put the player into the shoes of the aggressor.

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Check out the trailer below and tell us if you will be purchasing Hatred. If you are, tell us why in the comments below.

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