This War of Mine Review

This (little) War of Mine is going to shine. This War of Mine is a game with a bold concept, not all people in wars are soldiers. This actually a fact that is easily looked over by many, but this title tries to kick you swiftly for that thought. As the game is beautiful, it’s depressing, it’s fun, and it’s a real challenge. I didn’t find it very difficult to get sucked in to This War of Mine, as I played it all day Veteran’s Day and have accumulated some hours on it since receiving my code. It’s a game that has intrigued me for many reasons, I did not get to test the preview that was given out a few months ago sadly, but I am very happy with what I have been playing. This War of Mine is a point and click survival game, but the point and click does not exactly do it any justice. It’s an addictive game with a great story, great mechanics, beautiful music, and a hell of a point.

When I think about point and click the first this come sin to my mind isn’t very good. To me it hinders the experience as a whole, but for This War of Mine, it’s not true. The game play of feels very different from other games with every aspect in place. We have survival, stealth, fighting, and running. These are blended together for a rather great experience. Not only do you have to struggle with your morality choices, but so do your characters. I remember going to the church, sneaking in, and seeing “Oh my God, when will this end??” thinking it was a prisoner of the men in the church. When I saw that the basement looked like a cell, I decided to investigate, I was then greeted with an armed guard who demanded that I go no further as the area was restricted. So, I killed him thinking this was some sort of rape dungeon, his body fell from the top of the ladder down to the basement.

What I got next was a family running to him and crying…. oops. Anyway, this decision did not only make me feel bad, it made my character depressed. This caused me to monitor them and have my other characters talk them through it on a daily basis, of course these characters talked bad about them behind their back though. So you have to be careful about your actions outside of your home and inside of it. You need to fortify your base, build things, upgrade things, and maintain your food supply. You need materials to do all of these things and of course, every time you leave you run the risk of not coming back. You run the risk of also being raided and losing supplies as well. It’s a hard game to juggle as you need to be very careful to survive. It seems as if you can only have 4 survivors at a time though and if one dies a new one will conveniently come a few days later. It is interesting to sit through the day and see what happens, as trader and survivors asking for help can knock at your door.

Just trying to  survive

The story of the game isn’t really a big deal. As the player makes it their own, they still have some present throughout the game. What’s mostly interesting is that the game is randomly generated. The church I mentioned above was my first playthrough, on my 2nd playthrough it was extremely different. The church wasn’t fully developed and had scaffolding everywhere, it also did not have the friendly group, it was taken by bandits who had tortured and murdered the pastor. So not only are the encounters changed up, but so is the layout of the map. It makes the replayability of the game shoot up drastically, as now you have to guess who will be there, what you will need, and if it’s worth the risk.

While I do love this, I do wish they had more diverse destinations, as they only seem to be different variations of the locations. One thing I will note though is that your style of play with drastically change as well. These places will also have different supplies now as well and that will decide what you build and when. It will decide what you absolutely need as well, but luckily if you can’t find something you can try your chances with the trader who comes on random days. The biggest thing is building what you need and getting what you want, but the things you sometimes want turn in to needs. Alcohol and tobacco may seem like nothing, but they make good trading items and you can make medical supplies with the alcohol. It’s hard to put out suggestions when everything you will need to do is practically randomly generated.

R.I.P. Marko

This War of Mine only has a few issues though, it doesn’t explain the combat, the character’s blink weirdly (hard to explain), the character’s also jump from thought to thought, and it’s areas could be more diverse, from playthrough to playthrough they are the same general locations, even if they are different variants. It still remains addictive despite these issues though. I have played it about 7 hours a day since I have gotten the game, it’s just that good. This game is certain to capture the hearts of many players with the way it is designed, the way it plays, the music behind it, and the moral of the story. It’s highly addictive and it drives one hell of a point home to the players. War isn’t only about the soldiers who participate in them, there are many people caught in between the conflicts. I have yet to actually beat the game, but I can’t imagine it ending well. This War of Mine is not only a great experience, but it’s a helpful one as it somewhat gives you the feeling of being caught in this situation.

Final Verdict:

This War of Mine isn’t anything short of a masterpiece. They get such a great point across to the player and they do it so well. It’s not something that is so in your face that you can’t enjoy the game, instead it comes across while you are enjoying the game. It shows through the faces, dialogue, and through the actions of your characters. If you want a great indie game, this is easily one of the best of 2014 as of now. It’s drives home a point that many try to avoid thinking about and it does it so enjoyably.

Note: 11 Bit Studios has also taken it upon themselves to do their best and help out by partnering with War Child, a charity which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing conflict or caught in the after math. You can actually find a link directly on the menu of the game as well.


Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.5/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer/Publishers: 11 Bit Studios

Available Now On: Microsoft Windows |  OS X | Linux | iOS | Android

Played on: PC

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