Battlefield Hardline Development Inspired By TV Shows and Movies



EA currently has a busy schedule ahead of itself in the upcoming months. With the release of Dragon Age Inquisition set for this coming Tuesday, November 18th and the ongoing development of Battlefield Hardline, there’s so much going on within the studio. Although Battlefield isn’t set to release until March 2015, there is still so much to be done and so many questions from gamers on what to expect.

Many people had the opportunity to play the beta for Battlefield Hardline, including myself. And while most of the gameplay elements are what you expect from FPS games, it was the creative cops and robbers aspect that kept me and many others interested. It’s nice to see a game that is familiar to many have a unique twist in it. The multiplayer aspect appears to be fun but, it’s the campaign that has gamers intrigued. In a recent interview with the EA staff, Creative Director of Hardline, Ian Milham sat down and answered some questions regarding the upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise.

Within this interview Milham went on to describe that many of the games campaign aspects were drawn from TV shows and also movies. In one quote Ian Milham said that the TV show that most influenced the game was “Justified.” He also said that they tried to use, “Cop dramas that focused more on characters rather than the procedures or units.” The game was also influenced by dialogue and tone of movies based off of books by Elmore Leonard, according to Milham.


The Miami drug war is a very appetizing setting that will draw the interest of many. This game appears to have the making of a movie or TV show and I expect this to be very captivating. Especially, with the team at Visceral working on it. Visceral is well known for its work in the Dead Space series and looks to deliver in Battlefield Hardline.

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For the rest of the interview, finish reading it on the EA blog.


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