MegaRan Mega Man blowing up in your face with an incredibly successful and fan-loving Kickstarter that has seen everything from the sale of MegaRan’s own Famicom to the reveal of crazy tracks like The Philadelphia Way (Click Here) to hear that and listen to a newer one below to even MegaRan selling the tie off his neck – all in the noble and global pursuit of getting The Mega Ran Documentary – Mega Lo Mania: The Director’s Cut published on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Redbox, Film Festivals, and likely anywhere else MegaRan and his team of international PR ninjas can get their foot into a door. This is the type of moment that fans live for, to see an artist who was once completely underground having their story told in front of the world. MegaRan is responsible for some of the best pairings of Video Games and Hip Hop ever created, and even hosts a panel on Video Games And Hip Hop in our home town Boston, MA every PAX East. I was originally going to make this post about the next Mega Man album that’s hitting, the excitement of which I think is going to rise greatly as the wrap up of the year approaches and fans have time to catch up with all of the great flood of excellent Nerdcore news this holiday season.

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But now I just need to know…

What is MegaRan’s Big SECRET???

We have only 3 days left to find out. I can see the money adding up every second from people who might be fans of Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII Hip Hop Album, Forever Famicom, Blur Bomber, MegaRan and his Solo Missions like MegaRan 9, TeacherRapperHero Series, Language Arts Vol. 1, 2, 3, The Call: 8 Bit Anniversary Edition and the dual mind albums like Mirandom – Memorandum,

All backers names are on the back of the Nintendo NES cartridge album, many backers are getting MegaRan’s 2015 album in Vinyl, Audio CD, digital MP3, and more. It’s time for everyone to pull out the stops on making sure every MegaRan fan at least knows about this and has the option to get some of these crazy goodies – because at this point Mega Ran is raising up Stretch Goals upon Stretch Goals including GETTING A TATTOO, dropping A NEW MEGA MAN ALBUM AND A 2015 ALBUM and more. But at $20,000 a “Secret Project” that Random House is teasing will be unlocked. We have no idea what this project is all about, but MegaRan has been playing an awful lot of awesome retro games lately, working with a lot of Nerdcore and Hip Hop Artists, and it could literally be anything. We’ve come this far, So back now! 3 Days Left!

Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits

Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits


Update w/ Disclosure: I decided to back the Kickstarter for MegaRan’s Documentary to hit Netflix and other distributors. As according to our new RGN Public Ethics Policy, I will no longer be reporting on MegaRan’s work in an Evaluative Manner (i.e. Reviews) and will have another author Reviewing the work whereas I will be allowed to continue Informative Reporting (non-evaluative, i.e. News). If you have any feedback on this Ethics Policy, please comment on this article below or on our Policy itself and we’ll be sure to take your feedback into high regard. – Jon Ireson, Editor-In-Chief at

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