Battlefield 5 Set For 2016 Release

In a recent comment from EA CFO, Blake Jorgensen, at the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference (via Gamespot), Jorgensen talked about having already seen Battlefield 5, and that it’s a “fun, new Battlefield.” While the upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise “Battlefield Hardline” focuses on cops and robbers, Battlefield 5 is going to take us back to a more familiar military setting.

Although Battlefield 5 isn’t set to release until 2016, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This allows more time for Battlefield 4 to continue growing and be fixed. While also giving Battlefield Hardline a chance to give gamers a fresh take on the franchise. And much like other games such as Assassin’s Creed, NBA 2K, Madden, or COD which are pushed out almost every year, EA felt that waiting until to 2016 to release Battlefield 5 would allow players to catch their breath from the fatigued franchise.



Extensive details on Battlefield 5 have yet to be released, but Dice is promising “More features. More extras. More destruction.” All of that according to an article on IGN. This all sounds like positive news as EA and Visceral games prepare for the Battlefield Hardline launch set for March. Even though Battlefield Hardline was delayed, EA is confident in it working properly day one, unlike the issues with Battlefield 4 at launch.

Many gamers may have lost hope in EA aside from some of it’s sports franchises. I for one though still believe that EA can and will continue to improve. It’s been shown with their constant dedication to fixing Battlefield 4. And with recent games such as Dragon Age dropping, I have nothing but confidence in EA. I understand that Bio Ware was involved in Dragon Age, much like Visceral was in Dead Space and is going to be in Battlefield Hardline. This just shows you gamers, that EA is going to push and work hard to bring you the best games possible!

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