24 Hour Streaming One Man Gaming Session

Are you interested in producing your own video game? Or potentially designing levels, characters, or weapons for a game? One video game company is offering you chance to learn these things in a 24 hour live stream session.

Dan Bisciglia is the owner of a gaming company named Vintage Games. Vintage Games is based out of Austin, Texas and is a small company producing mainly retro style games. Dan has taken inspiration from the NES and SNES era, which many of us got our start gaming during that time period. I know I personally grew up playing games such as Mario Bros, Castlevania, Contra, Mike Tyson Punchout, and many of the other great series from those generations.

During this 24 hour live stream, which you can watch at http://www.twitch.tv/swerdmurd. Gamers will learn how to design a top down shooter with 5 levels, 8 songs, and 3 different playable characters. Levels will be single screen where you are under attack by waves of enemies and have to destroy a boss at the end. You will have the opportunity to collect weapons and things alike in this overhead Contra like game.

In an interview with Dan he stated that, “The game is being built from the ground up. The only preparation I’ve made is breaking my time table in to 2 hour time blocks. I’m going to start with the design and scope of the game as soon as the stream starts.” The stream will be starting live at 12pm CST/1pm EST, so be sure you’re on time.

If you’ve ever wanted a free lesson in game design or just an opportunity to enjoy watching someone be creative this will be a fantastic chance! Be sure to tune in as Dan shows you the basics and creativity of being a game designer!

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