#OperationPlatinum Was A Failure, Bayonetta 2 Doesn’t Reach 1 Million Sales On Wii U

Third Party Games have had a real hard time on Nintendo platforms arguably since the N64 or at least GameCube leading to countless titles moving back to the PlayStation platform including Final Fantasy which started on NES and Resident Evil which was supposed to have a 4th installment exclusive on the GameCube that later came to the PS2 and ultimately many other platforms.

Take a look at this video from BrokenGamezHD who speaks about #OperationPlatinum

#OperationPlatinum was supposed to be a bunch of Wii U owners buying Bayonetta 2 to prove to PlatinumGames and the game industry overall that their platform deserves to get third party games just as much as XO or PS4 despite not having the same specs on par with these systems and allegedly not having the same hardcore purchasing fan-base that PlayStation and Xbox third party games benefit from.

The operation aimed to get 1 million sales. Bayonetta is out, users love it and reviewers love it, but 1 million sales were not made. This reinforces the belief that both Bayonetta as an IP and third party games in general are not able to move units well on the Wii U. Long term sales remain to be seen, but this industry mainly revolves around launch week sales numbers.

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