Cosmophony for Nintendo Wii U Review

Cosmophony has been on phone platforms for a while now and now the development team has decided to break into the console world by releasing the same exact game on the Nintendo Wii U platform. This game is a technicolor rainbow of sound, and can be played on the Wii U Game Pad with our without the TV on it will be on both screens the same. Unfortunately, it also requires a large amount of precise action and patience while playing.

The back story of Cosmophony is that there is a guardian of the universe and she was put in place by the Gods to keep harmony in the universe. Problems arise with that since she wasn’t able to do what she what assigned to do. When the universe collapsed, she died and was imprisoned in a crystal. Now it’s the player who has to save the universe and bring it back into harmony by releasing the guardian from the crystal.

Basic gameplay elements are basic as it gets: moving back and forth to avoid some blocks while shooting at other various blockers. The controls are very simple and there is a nice tutorial to go through before playing any actual levels. There are two modes to play on for each level as well. There’s a practice mode that the player can play through to understand the obstacles and what to do when it’s show time. While using the practice mode, players are allowed time and a more calm environment to master each level in since when someone plays in practice mode it allows them to restart from checkpoints throughout the entire level. This is quite different compared to the main mode of gameplay, which makes players actually start from the beginning after they hit an obstacle – every single time. In that sense, players are offered the best of both worlds and the debate will rage on for which gameplay mechanic is superior.

The pattern and the music are the same in both modes though, so it can become a bit repetitive for some. The chance for perfect scoring for any level is better though having played so much. Four stars can be achieved in total for each level: Two for practice level completion, and two for the actual level )one for completion of the level itself and one for shooting all of the in-game obstacles for that particular level).

Once each actual level is completed, Cosmophony opens up the next level as the player continues on to bring balance to the universe. Exciting, right?

Final Verdict:

This game was overall simple yet irritating. With the amount of preciseness and patience it takes it is not meant for all gamers, but if someone likes these types of games it would be something that they would sure enjoy. The controls are simple enough but the repetitiveness is hard to continue to deal with.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developers: Bento–Studio, Moving Player

Available On: Wii U | iOS | Android | Windows Phone

Played On: Nintendo Wii U

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the developers for the purpose of this Review.

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