Activision Claiming Copyright on YouTube Users for Posting Videos of Call of Duty: AW Glitches

If you read the title then you are definitely reading what I am typing. Yes, Activision is indeed claiming copyright on YouTube Users for posting Glitches from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Sounds crazy right? Well unfortunately it is not. If you are indeed one of those YouTube users who enjoys Call of Duty Glitch hunting, then you are shat out of luck in this new installment. It seems as though Activision is pushing more toward removing these videos more so than fixing the glitches themselves, even though these videos themselves are some of the easiest and simplest ways to show them that there is a bug or 2 or maybe 50 still left in the game. All Judgment aside (from me of course) All Call of Duty games have had a major glitch spot and or spots, whether its in Black Ops 2 Zombies mode in the hidey holes in Die Rise,  or in Modern warfare 2 where you could scale the Highrise to the tippy top of the building. Each one has one, and think back on where you first saw it or heard of it. Of course it was from a friend but you know exactly where he saw it, that’s right, YouTube. So why all of a sudden is Activision taking notice of these videos and just now acknowledging them? Well who knows. Maybe it isn’t there choice entirely, maybe Sledgehammer games is putting well, the sledgehammer down on these videos, maybe they don’t want the mass to see these mistakes. Who knows, what I do know though is if your one to make 20+ Glitch videos on Cod games your going to have to find another topic, cause this new realization from Activision may just get your channel removed… or worse… Sledge-banned. Bumm bumm bummmm.

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