Uploading Chris Benoit’s Face Textures in WWE 2K15 will Get You Banned

Recently 2k Games dropped a temporary ban hammer on a user, preventing him from playing WWE 2K15. The offense was uploading Chris Benoit’s face textures to the game’s online community creations.

After tweeting the game’s official twitter account, claiming he (Cory Bundick) had received a two week ban for “no reason”, 2K’s Marcus Stephenson replied stating, “You were banned because you uploaded a Chris Benoit face to community creations.”


For those who are unaware, Chris Benoit was former WWE wrestler, who was involved in a murder-suicide, in which he took his own life after killing his son and wife. Upon learning this, the WWE quickly distanced itself from Benoit. removing his name from company history, no longer having him in their games etc. So it makes sense, as to why uploading his face would be frowned down upon.

So if you want to avoid the ban hammer, it is probably for the best to not upload his likeness. Oh and the same goes for Hitler.

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