Final Fantasy VII Returns (PS4 Exclusive) Official Square Enix Announcement in HD

Final Fantasy VII is coming to PS4 in Spring 2015.

Editor’s Note: It’s still the PC version though and the PS1 version you can get on PS Store does not work on PS4. But I can see why some fans are upset if they were looking for the full monty remake that this title deserves. We can only hope this is a prelude to it I guess… However, if Square Enix allowed mods to be used on this PS4 version of the PC edition then we will be able to get the remake-quality textures without them doing a single ounce of work. Doubtful it would happen, but this makes it at least something we can demand now.

Update #2: Also this is not the PS1 version technically, it is the New PC Version which became available on Steam in 2013 and features Achievements and other features —>

We hope to see these features brought to the PS4 version in some form.

The PC version was also modded by the gaming community at large to have much better texture versions of the game among other mods, and though that is likely out of the question – it is something we can hope for.

The mods are pretty much out of the question on PS4 probably which is Sad, I agree. So in that respect the Steam version is the most superior version currently.

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