No EASHL in NHL 15 Next Gen? No Money from My Wallet

The following article was sent in by Charlie Bernier of the RGN Community and Boston Area who would like his voice to be heard as a lifetime fan of the NHL and NHL video game series by EA Sports:

Many of you may have heard that EA sports NHL 15 is going to be leaving out the most played game mode in the franchise on next gen consoles. Fans are outraged- including me. Many people had their next gen consoles on lay away pre order just for NHL; for those buying destiny bundle pack edition ps4’s, NHL was released on the same date. Luckily, I enjoy other titles. EASHL (EA sports hockey league) is a mode that was brought to the franchise in NHL 2009. There are some who only play this game and also only play one mode of this game.  This game completely broke the barriers for online gaming as a team with your friends/ family.

In NHL, you control a single position on the ice while anywhere from 1-5 other live team players can control the other positions. The game has a RPG style of a level system. You start off as an amateur 1 (displayed by upper deck hockey cards) and work your way up to your legend 3 card.  You get more stats for every card you acquire. Also, for doing certain milestones and objectives you get boost equips for your hockey gear. In total, you can have an extremely skill based 6vs6 games; in these games you rely on your team mates to win and it’s not just a single player. This on its own makes the game very unique.

I’ve played with the same group of people for 5 years now since it was introduced. We have spent years building chemistry, set plays, and learning what to do and what not to do in certain situations. Now why would EA sports leave out the most exciting game mode, the most highly played game mode, the most interactive game mode?! This next gen system is what so many of us have been waiting for since last year’s installment (NHL 14). This came out only a couple months before ps 4 and x box one. They wanted a year to build the game from the ground up yet failed! Here is a link, if anyone is interested, about the reasons why this fool, Sean Ramjagsingh (head developer for NHL series), left out not only the most innovative game mode but also a new up and coming mode known as GM connected.

I call BULLSHIT!!! on EVERTHING he said! Maybe it’s difficult working with a brand new engine but they had over a year to work on it. Most companies that are smart realized, “hey next gens are coming out in 2 or 3 years better start working on everything now.” However, as usual, the corrupt money hungry lazy company that is EA put in another mode known as HUT (hockey ultimate team mode). This is a mode where you purchase card packs for a currency of pucks using real life cash; this ruins everything might I add. This allows little rich brats to steal mommy’s or daddy’s credit card and build an unstoppable team. Nothing wrong with that, I do not play that mode. Due to the fact that you can now purchase things that make you unstoppable, a lot of us NHL fans call this “Hockey ultimate greed” mode. EA makes more money off one person than 6-10 people in a club (EASHL). Therefore, once again, EA made the biggest money grabber the priority before the most loved and played mode EASHL

I will be purchasing my copy of NHL 15 used a few weeks after it comes out to make sure the lesser of the 2 evils, Game Stop, gets my money before EA does. Also, I am planning on never giving EA anymore of my own money ever again. I have high hopes Sean Ramjagsingh gets fired as head developer of the EA sports NHL franchise. I will miss all my friends I play hockey with for many years; we made a good team. Who knows, maybe we can have a money spending war and see who can build the most expensive team on HUT….. NOT. I would lose that battle real quick!

I’d like to end by saying:



This is my first post to RGN. Thank you to my good friend and childhood friend Jon Ireson for giving me this chance to voice my thoughts on this whole thing.

The following article was sent in by Charlie B of the RGN Community who wants his voice to be heard as a lifetime fan of the NHL and NHL video game series by EA Sports:

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Angry Gamer,
Charlie Bernier

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