BloodBowl iOS REVIEW!!!!

Blood Bowl For iOS is a great game not the best I have ever seen but if you’re looking for a game that does the job then you should give this game a look; it’s not bad and it’s not great. To me, BloodBowl is in the middle and the developers behind this title need to get the bugs worked out of the game. BloodBowl feels like NFL meets Diablo from all my testing of the game and although there are some bugs, it runs pretty good.

If you’re looking for a fast loading time game though you’re not going to find it here with this game. Overall looks of the games is not bad. the graphics is what makes this game shine on an iPad love how they mix humans with zombies this game is one people should buy on the app store on the iPad and iPhone.

My Verdict 7.9 out 10, Watch my Video Below for More.

  • Needs Bug Fixes
  • Long Load Times
  • Make The Game Easier To Play


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