The Golf Club – Review

The Golf Club is a Sports Simulation Game from HB Studios for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game was originally going to be the next entry in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series but after the game was canceled HB Studios crafted “The Golf Club” within the Unity Engine to take Golf games to the next level. In TGC players can hit the ground running by planning a round of golf on one of the studio developed courses or one of the many user created courses developed by the player. There are also Tours and Tournaments which also be created the player and all very in difficulty. HB studios have taken the traditional sports game format and threw it out the window as The Golf Club is full social integration on Xbox Live and Steam and you can even golf against friends and rivals even when they aren’t playing if you profile is connected to the game’s servers and they have played the same course. Players can set up the turn order and which courses that they will face against other golfers as well as set the schedule for entry and participation in each Tour and Tournament.

When players take control of their golfer they will notice that there is no power bar or swing indicator on the screen because in The Golf Club players use the right thumb-stick to make their golf swings. There is a Scout Camera as well as Hole Overview that allows you to view where you shot may land, a shot modifier to switch up the angle and power of your swing but their is no hand holding, players will have to learn how to place a their shots to advance through the courses. There is a wind indicator on the screen that will help players position their golfer correctly before teeing off. Players should also watch their terrain around them before take a shot if they ever want to make it to the green. The game play mechanics are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a golf game but it may not be immediately accessible to all players especially if they aren’t familiar with golf in real life. The challenge will either entice players to get better and keep playing or to give up and more on which can have a good or bad effect on the overall community in The Golf Club.

The Greg Newman Course Creator allows you to make a randomly generated course by first picking the location and then adjusting the terrain by selecting the amount of hills, water, and trees throughout the course. When your course is generated players can then tweak each individual hole to their liking and give personality to their course. If a player wants to change where the tee’s are they can do it; if they want to change the layout of the terrain they can do it; even the variation of the wind can be changed; the possibilities are endless. The only gripe gamers may have about the course creator is that golf customization is not on the same level and a lot of gamers love to make their own custom character to play on their custom courses. The lack of quality in this feature may put off some gamers due to the fact the other golf simulators have excelled in making good golfers but the game play in The Golf Club is still the hallmark of the title. The other neat thing about TGC’s golfers is they don’t have ratings and skill sets everything is contingent the player, so no one golfer can best another because of a pro’s current ranking.

The graphics and sound design in The Golf Club run hand and hand; everything in the environment looks and sounds as it would in real life. The game engine in The Golf Club loads each object and each texture as the game starts in real time. When the player hits the green they will see the entire golf course in its all of its glory when they walk on green. Players will be able to hear the wind as wisp through the trees and beads of grass as it is ripped from the ground doing your shot making The Golf Club a very cinematic experience. The announcer will talk to the player and occasionally give them advice on your swing and the course as well as tell the player when they’ve messed up a swing. This is a nice touch since the game doesn’t have “epic” commentators of other golf games and it feels as though a caddy is present with the player at all times and the game doesn’t fall silent.

The Golf Club is a suburb game for the golf enthusiast and will be the go to golf simulator for any sports game fanatic for years to come. The game is not without its shortcomings; even with the super responsive controls, the strong multiplayer suite and second to none course creator the game still misses a few key things that would’ve made this game a classic. The Golf Club, has no career mode to really showcase the progression of the player where’ players can play in all of the major tours and tournaments that exist in real life as well as the user generated ones. There is also no tutorial mode for beginners to learn the basics and really learn how to play golf. The developers may need to update with a tutorial so that players who aren’t as adept to get in the game and have the same level of enjoyment as the pro players. The Golf Club is still an amazing game that all sports gaming fans should play and it should not be missed.

Final Verdict

The Golf Club is the golf game that die hard digital golfers have been waiting for and it has one of the best golf course creation tools of all time. The Golf Club plays and handles smooth on the green but some players may need to take time before they challenges others in the robust online modes. If you a gamer who loves golfer customization or a dedicated career mode you may be disappointed they as they are not present in The Golf Club. If you are a gamer that has been looking for a realistic yet still very fun and enjoyable golf game that you play for years to come The Golf Club is for you.

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Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

RGN Rating : Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: HB Studios

Available On: Xbox One | PC | PS4

Played On: Xbox One

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