MegaRan – Ran’s Tips ‘N Tricks, #1

I had a friend suggest I share all the things I’ve learned, so here goes.

This is the first of a new series of tips, tricks and lifehacks for aspiring musicians, creators and people who want to live their dream. the first is the most important! You want more? I’m full of them. let me know!

song is “Hero” composed by rana.


Raheem Jarbo, aka Random, aka Mega Ran is probably the world’s most foremost gaming influenced musician. He merges today’s hip-hop, EDM and Trap sounds into the chiptune and 16-bit sounds of yesteryear. International Corporation CAPCOM agreed and offered Ran an unreal licensing agreement to create remixes of Mega Man music in 2007, and the sky has been the limit since then. Ran has played festivals (CMJ, SXSW), the biggest conventions (PAX, MAGFest) and more, delivering face-melting performances and informative panels.

Pressure is no new thing for a man who spent his days teaching middle school, his evenings grading papers, and his late nights rocking stages. Ran now lives the dream as a full time music producer, motivational speaker and touring musician.

In the past 5 years, Ran has managed to run through barriers like Mario with an invincibility star, from placing music in TV and video games to touring with acclaimed hip-hop stars to playing thousand-person festivals. “I’m on a mission to help bring hip-hop into a new frontier,” he says. With an unprecedented licensing agreement with gaming giant CAPCOM, and constant appearances on a variety of sites like VICE, Nerdist, The Verge, The Source and Game Informer under his utility belt, the mission is fully underway.

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