Microsoft UK’s Destiny “Ad” is Both Clever and Hypocritical

Microsoft UK has taken the liberty to speak about not being able to advertise the game in their country. Their official twitter page released a photo, advertising a “Destiny Fragrance” website. On the site, readers are treated to a message explaining that Activision has forbid them from advertising Destiny.

Eurogamer has confirmed the site’s legitimacy through a Microsoft rep and that they are also running printed ads in the UK.

Personally I find Microsoft UK’s tongue-in-cheek way of finding a loophole in their inability to advertise the game, to be both clever and sadly, hypocritical.

Activision has a deal with Sony in regards to Destiny. Everyone who has been following anything related to the title knows this; from exclusive gameplay shown during Sony’s conferences to an exclusive console bundle, the PlayStation 4 is being marketed and the platform to play the game. So not allowing the competition to advertise the game makes sense. Is it right? No but marketing multiplatform games as exclusives is a conversation for another time.

Sony’s White PS4 Destiny Bundle

What makes MS UK so hypocritical for taking their shots at Activision is that the same thing happens every year with Sony and Call of Duty. For the past several years Call of Duty, the billion dollar franchise from Activision has been marketed heavily for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and now the Xbox One.

It is the same as Sony’s and Activision Destiny partnership. The exclusive gameplay presentations during the MS conferences, timed exclusive DLC for Xbox owners, trailers and TV spots advertising them as Xbox titles to the uninitiated. All the while not a single advertisement on Sony’s end.


Destiny is the most anticipated video game of 2014, it is certainly the most pre-ordered (With the PS4 version leading) and most hyped. The game is expected to be a huge hit and many feel it will outsell Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Clearly Sony and Activision will benefit the most from this.

MS UK wanting to increase the sales for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Destiny is understandable but calling out Activision for prohibiting ads for it when Sony is prohibited from really marketing Call of Duty games is hypocritical, plain and simple. Hopefully this doesn’t blow up in their faces.

Destiny will launch on September 9, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

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