Chroma Squad – Beta Impressions

Chroma Squad is a Tactical Turn-Based Manager from Behold Studios for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In Chroma Squad players are put in the director’s chair of their on Sentai/Ranger TV Show and must create a hit series to launch and keep their production company afloat.  The game starts with you naming your company, naming your show, casting your squad and  filming your first episode. When the player starts filming the player assumes the role of their squad and they will face off against the enemy of the episode and their squad of Henchmen. The on screen action is turned based; each member of the squad will be able to move a certain amount of spaces and attack enemies one by one before the turn ends. The enemy squad will then get their turn to counterattack and the battle will go on as long as a member of either squad is left standing.  The players squad and transformer or Chormantize into their Chroma Suit as well as summon their Chromazord if the enemy powers up. The game is just as fun and addicting as it was when we covered the game at Pax East this year and the episodes are more fleshed out with story bits and dialog between the cast members. The Squad’s chatter will be sure to etch a smile on gamers faces as the writing is very witty and comical.

The only problem with the combat in Chroma Squad is that their is no tutorial to show the player how to move across the playing field to attack the enemy. This will cause a lot of trail and error on the players part in the final build of the game if the developers do not provide one in-game when it is released. The same can be said  for the directing/managing of the show between takes as their is also no tutorial and this needs to be addressed for the final build as well. If players can’t no execute the moves  necessary on the battlefield or make the decisions on what direction to take the show their Chroma Squad series will bomb fairly quickly and they may have to the game anew. When players get a good grasps on the combat and management Chroma Squad is a blast to play. There is so much to do in this game that it will never get old from leveling up your actors, upgrading your gear and TV set and much much more. Chroma Squad is a game that RTS/RPG fans will love and Power Ranger/Super Sentai fans will adorn for years to come. If you have not already be sure to check out for more info on the game and the beta then be sure to check back to RGN for our full review on the game when it is released.

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