Basement Crawl Becoming Basement Brawl… Free Makeover for PS4 Indie Game Coming Soon

So it’s no secret that we were more than a little bit excited for the release of a certain PlayStation 4 indie title called Basement Crawl which released a while back after much build up and our own RGN Interview of the dev team. This title which was set to be a multiplayer only re-imagining of the Bomberman style of gameplay landed to much harsh critical review. Our own experience with the title was not very good either. But we were promised something big was coming for those who had invested in the title. That something big is finally beginning to take form over at Bloober Team, the development studio responsible for its release.

Basement Crawl will receive a massive update that Bloober promises will upgrade the game in many ways and give it a completely different offering to gamers. If you already have Basement Crawl then you’ll get to experience all of this for free, since Bloober feels bad for making so many people upset with the initial release.

Once this update drops, Basement Crawl will no longer exist. Instead, Basement Brawl will be the new name of the game. Over the next few weeks videos will be released to show off exactly what is changing and how it looks, but here is a bulleted list of what was told to me in regards of what to expect from Basement Brawl – a new beginning for Bloober on PS4.

  • Single Player Campaign added to give back story to characters and the universe they inhabit.
  • New build on a new engine.
  • New gameplay mechanics (more details on this soon).
  • Beta before release (this might only be available to press though).
  • Plenty of user feedback incorporated, including many manually retrieved from user forums and online websites (so speak your mind and the devs will find your speech and attempt to translate that into this makeover of the game).
  • Q4 2014 release window expected.

Stay Tuned for More info on Basement Brawl as it becomes available.

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