Leaked Gameplay: GTA V Zombies DLC + GTA Online Heists… Finally… From an Unlikely Source

YouTube has its benefits and when their new nazi-copy-reich system isn’t busy removing every single piece of your heart from the internet, it sometimes watches videos too. Well, okay no it doesn’t because artificial intelligence isn’t that smart yet (or is it?) but in any event if it did watch videos – they would be totally awesome and reveal hidden gameplay experiences found by the modding community within the Grand Theft Auto V build code showing off GTA Online Heist information / animations as well as a never-before-seen GTA V Zombies DLC mission. Oh, and apparently Trevor was once destined to join the CIA?

Of course, all of this is all on leaked footage but shouldn’t get you too hyped for now since it could have been scrapped from the game’s final release. At least we know it’s going to forever be possible to play these modes with modding and that will become especially easy once the Windows PC version launches (we hope). I doubt we will see any official confirmation of these features though or public discussion otherwise until Rockstar Games is ready to promote the PS4 / Xbox ONE / PC versions of the game more heavily though, so for now check out this video and investigate our sources below it for more information on the entire leak in full.

GTA V Zombies DLC:

GTA Online Heists:

GTA V Zombies First Person Mode:

GTA V Single Player DLC:

GTA V Secret Developer Menu:

[Source: Chr0m3xMoDz]

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