Sniper Elite 3 comes from Rebellion Games. They’ve been around doing the Sniper Elite games from the very beginning so they have been improving the game as they’ve gone along in the series. They also have done games such as: Evil Genius, Rogue Trooper, and Alien vs Predator. Being the third game in the series, will Sniper Elite 3 be able to become the best so far or is it not up to snuff still?

Sniper Elite 3 takes place in 1942 which actually takes place before the events of Sniper Elite V2 which took place in 1945. The user will be playing as OSS sniper Karl Fairburne who has been sent on a mission to assassinate General Vahlen and uncover the top secret project code-named Seuche that the Germans have been working on. Karl won’t be able to find Vahlen without some intel which he will get from a British informant Brauer which will lead him on his mission to find General Vahlen. Of course Karl at this point is an Nazi killing machine and has to be one of the best snipers out there.

Sniper Elite gameplay mechanics you already know and love are back with some great features such as the new relocation system so when the user takes a shot and the enemy has heard them the enemy will take into hiding and they will also know where the user’s last known location is by the shadow they leave giving them a chance to relocate to a new area or a better sniping position.

The game also relies heavily on using the elements of a true sniper such as silence and stealth using the shadows and line of sight to stalk your enemies. Sniper Elite 3 has 8 missions which may sound like a short game but when each level can take an hour or longer to go through it really lends some freedom to the player, especially since levels are very open. In the beginning of the level the user has the freedom to explore the whole level and complete tasks at their will, which feels like a much needed improvement since Sniper Elite V2 was very linear. Of course the best part of Sniper Elite 3 is the well known kill-cam which works on not just humans but also vehicles so the user can kill people while they are still in the safety of their own vehicles.

It’s really fun being able to see how many different types of kill shots the user can get in just one mission some of the best parts of the games are entering a sniper nest and taking out several Nazi’s and watching different parts of their body explode everywhere. If customization is your thing there is customization in the weapons that are unlocked as the user progresses though the game with different parts for their gun and different loadouts. There isn’t a super deep system here but it’s a nice thought thrown into the game and lets the user play with the loadout that will make them most effective in-game.

Playing Sniper Elite 3 the controls are pick up and play while playing. On the PS4 the controls were very easy to pick up and use but sometimes they can be difficult while trying to sneak around or sometimes cause players to accidentally fire at the wrong time. Playing on the PC which felt a lot more natural and the controls seemed to really mesh well. Everything flowed really well and I always found that staying in control was really easy. This and other factors I’ll mention next lead me to believe this game was entirely PC-based when it comes to lead platform, and in fact was not platform-agnostic nor next-gen-centric.

By the time that a series is in its third game the developers should have more refined skills like not having the ability to stealth kill over barricades. This would be really easy and should have been in the game since most of the time if an enemy is leaning against a barricade the user literally had to stab them from the side or get right in front of them and then the element of surprise is gone and you’re screwed. I have to talk about the graphics in this game too, they look pretty average on the PS4 but on PC really shine. The lighting in particular within the PC version is really awesome and definitely worth a look if you have a high end gaming PC.

Final Verdict:

Sniper Elite 3 is a complete blast to play even if stealth isn’t your type of game. Any user can still have fun with this game with all of the kill-cam action that can be done. With the different missions that are available to the user there is a high replay-ability out in the market for Sniper Elite 3 and the additional DLC and multiplayer will bring user wanting to grab their gille suit and grab their sniper rifle and join in the action.

Sniper Elite 3 does have multiplayer which is really competitive at first then modes can be really aggravating especially if the user is terrible at spotting other players. There is 5 different modes to play and definitely will keep things interesting its really fun because at the end of the match usually its about the furthest shots that matter the most kills still matter but the farther kills with throw the user higher up on the leaderboard. The player can also join up with a buddy and play in Co-op in either overwatch missions or in survival missions and both players have to work as a team if they want to kill the German Afrika Korps.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer: Rebellion

Publisher: 505 Games

Available On: PC | PS4 | XO | PS3 | 360

Played On: PlayStation 4 and High End Gaming PC

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