Spoiler Alert Collector’s Edition Review

Spoiler Alert is an indie game for Steam which presents an idea we haven’t seen before. The game is a platformer that goes in reverse, causing players to undo the actions of the Pepper Knight who is after a certain Princess. Oh wait, Spoiler Alert! See what I did there? Anyways, normally that type of information would be the first thing you’d learn booting up the game but instead players begin their journey at the final stage of each world unlocking levels backwards for a total of 4 worlds featuring dozens of stages each.

Some stages are very quick breathers, and others take longer to figure out – something like a puzzle. Characters automatically run in a certain direction throughout the game and must control jumping as well as other actions like unthrowing hammers, unlaunching flame spit balls, and putting on or taking off various types of armor associated with those attacks which Pepper Knight acquires throughout the game.

The gameplay presented by development studio MEGAFUZZ, and brought to a bigger gaming audience at large by publisher tinyBuild, is memorable and fresh. The skill-based, addictive, and satisfying challenge of playing this simple platformer in reverse – as well as the occasional nod to classic platformer mechanics – give Spoiler Alert its own identity.

Visually the graphics of the background and enemies are better animated than Pepper Knight himself – but this is easily forgivable as a lot of fun factor can be found here with creative gameplay design at the core of this title. Spoiler Alert makes players rethink the way they play by timing moves to avoid collecting coins or taking out enemies and other tasks that were not previously performed. This is all to avoid a time paradox. This means it is essential to get timing correct and this platformer is a lot less forgiving than others.

Spoiler Alert awards players with achievements as they go and offers something more to strive for once the title is beaten. As far as overall replay value, this is going to depend on the end-user. There are some players who will find the title’s replay value to be thin due to a lack of features inherent with most auto-runner games. This is still a great title nonetheless.

A winner of many awards in the indie community, Spoiler Alert also comes equipped with a Level Editor, Controller Support, Steam VR Support, Leaderboards, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Saves, and is open for Steam Workshop mod communities to tinker in.

Final Verdict:

Unique games have a special effect on the gamer that allows us to remain interested in fading genres that need new ideas to be introduced. With that, we commend MEGAFUZZ for putting this title together and keeping its polished, focused gameplay at the center of the experience from start to finish.

The World’s 1st Reverse Platformer, the difficulty is there, but once the learning curve is overcome the game can be beaten in about an hour or two. Bonus modes like SpeedRunner are unlocked afterwards. In Spoiler Alert, each level was designed to a millimeter precision, and the testing required for this is greatly appreciated. Spoiler Alert is a solid title well worth picking up on the Steam platform. There’s nothing else quite like it, and you don’t really know how good it is until you try it. Featuring an original soundtrack by Roland La Goy, 100 levels of backwards platforming, SpeedRunner mode, and the original Game Jam version of Spoiler Alert – the Collector’s Edition for just $7.99 is worth looking into.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Publisher: tinyBuild

Developer: MEGAFUZZ

Available Now: Steam (PC / Mac OS X / Linux)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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