Heroes Rise: HeroFall is an interactive fiction like no other. Continuing the saga of previous titles in the franchise, players are able to start fresh or load a save file from Heroes Rise: The Hero Project in this third entry into the series. In previous entries, a supernatural reality television series became the center focus as contestants with Infini Powers had to battle and vote their way through to the win. Things turned out a bit different than planned though, and some mysteries became uncovered as others sprung up.

Essentially this game is inspired by the IF (Interactive Fiction) genre of yesteryear which saw players typing their actions after reading about their circumstances and surroundings. However, a new twist is taken as a more intuitive interface has been introduced in the form of a multiple choice style graphic user interface. No more guesswork or reading lists of commands to take the magic away. Full immersion can be experienced now as players read, enter text at key moments, view their stats / achievements at any time, and select their decisions easily and simply with their mouse. For those who say they don’t like reading, well that’s fine – I used a program to read the text aloud to me!

Assuming you haven’t read the previous interactive novels in the series, players start off by creating their character. Using a list of preset names, or typing in your own custom name, and selecting Male, Female, or “My gender is more complicated than that” begins the journey through this title. After selecting this and a few other details about yourself, players are given the option to read a recap of what has occurred through the previous installments.

Once you’re all caught up, the real action begins. Or, at least a prologue to the action! Deciding what kind of hero you want to be ushers in the beginning of your journey. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Heroes Rise is all about an ordinary person with extraordinary abilities rising from normalcy in order to make a change in the world. Beyond that, this hero (you as a player) is also on a personal quest to relieve the stigma placed on those who parented you and have been handed life sentences, in desperate need of redemption. That’s where you come in.

Making decisions as you go which can alter the fate of your character, engaging in dialogue trees which also give you freedom of choice, and deciding what to do with your rivals will define the integrity of the hero you play as. Through this definition of character the chance to redeem your parents and become a legend among the people is presented. Players must choose your actions, and who you place trust in very carefully in this road of twists and turns!

Heroes Rise: HeroFall fictional version of america in which some have natural born powers while others have artificially infused Infini Powers, and some citizens are just normal human beings. Those without supernatural powers often fear those who have these abilities, and that fear ends up being a catalyst with which a corrupt and evil regime seizes power and control of the country. The game’s plot makes references to fictional events as well as touches upon real life events to speak about freedom versus control and the use of a fear culture. A major theme in this game is the battle between freedom vs security, a struggle for balance between the two always seems to be at the center of focus.

President Victon is imposing removal of powers from those who have them and is corruptly calling for the death penalty to many who may not truly as guilty as he makes it seem. Parts of the novel read like a standard book while others use the newly crafted multiple choice-based interaction evolved from the classic way IF’s work. Even furthermore, some parts of HeroFall challenge players in a more traditional IF style by forcing them to enter text which can reward or punish the character they are in control of based on how much attention they’ve been paying all along. Unique in-game talk adds a lot of charm to this fictionally world. For example the word ‘Slugger’ is often used as a cute sort of curse word.

IAP (In-App Purchases) are available in certain situations for those players who don’t have in-game money left over from the last two novels, but they are not forced on the player who can instead choose other options. These IAP options being integrated don’t take away from gameplay though, and allow an equally compelling experience whether you use them or not.

Final Verdict:

How do you define justice? will you take the easy way out ? or will you push it to the limit, this game will test your moral fiber. Overall, HeroFall presents an emotionally gripping tale that puts you on the edge and starts off packed with action keeping a steady pace throughout while tackling deep issues of bigotry, discrimination, hate, power, corruption, self discovery, and even love. I urge everyone who felt compelled enough to read this review to pick up the game now and play it. Even if you have to use a program to read the text out loud to you, this is an experience you don’t want to pass up on. The way it activates your mind, entertains, and challenges players all at the same time is a one of a kind experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10 / 10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developer / Publisher: Choice of Games

Available On: Steam (Windows PC | Mac OS X | Linux)

Also Available On: iOS | Android | Amazon Kindle

Played On: Windows PC

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