Leak Turned Reality – Battlefield: Hardline Coming Soon – Dirty Cops, Drug Lords, Shoot Outs, and Blood Money

This week there has been a rumor turned reality of a new Battlefield game in the works code named “Omaha” also known by its new official name, Battlefield Hardline.

In celebration of this official confirmation, EA Games has decided to give away Battlefield 3: Standard Edition for PC free for all Origin members (hurry up) through their ‘On The House’ sale. This title is being developed by Visceral Games, the developer behind the amazing horror series Dead Space. Battlefield Hardline is going to be releasing in Fall 2014. The game will have an all new genre of the war on crime and the battle that wages on between criminals and the police.

Battlefield Hardline has had some footage and info leaked, such as: the classes which are The Mechanic, Enforcer, Operator, and the Professional. Also a new multiplayer map Downtown and the modes included are Bomb Squad, Carrier Assault, and Blood Money. I’m guessing that since a beta has also been announced that this will be the main map and these might be the games modes that will be available to play during that Beta. It looks like the Battlefield franchise will now be running on a rotating developer cycle like Call of Duty where Visceral will be on one year and DICE will be on the other year (for the anticipated Battlefield 5), and they will both have completely different experiences offered to the gamer. There is one difference here though, in that DICE will still be handling the multiplayer portion of the game while Visceral Games takes care of Single Player.

Heist, Rescue, Hotwire and Bloodmoney multiplayer modes are seen in the following video which was leaked ahead of the official announcement.

With this news of Battlefield: Hardline I believe that EA Games is trying to give a new experience, reminiscent of cops and robbers from when we were kids, but remain within the Battlefield universe since they already have a fan-base there. In a lot of ways, what has been seen so far for the game reveals a very thorough and detailed side-universe that takes place in Omaha with a Grand Theft Auto type of feel to it. There’s drugs, dirty cops, emotional scenes, and ties to the underworld from real life found everywhere in this game – along with your occasional cliche’ Hollywood film lines, being placed sarcastically to poke fun at Visceral Games (for example: “That’s xxx million dollars worth of drugs,” a character says to which another character replies, “What are you the drug Rain Man? Let’s go.”)

Battlefield Hardline will be releasing for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and last-generation machines Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 and will also have support for Battlefield Premium which means there will be a good load of DLC that will follow after its release available to members of the paid subscription service originally offered for the BF games from DICE. After confirming this rumor to be true, EA Games also decided to update the world with information including when to expect a formal announcement. BF: Hardline will be in attendance at E3 2014 the industry trade event being covered on RGN this June (Stay Tuned for what has been called “The Super Bowl of Video Games”!)

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