Nintendo smashed onto the scene (no pun intended – or is it?) with this year’s Nintendo Press Conference getting straight to the point for the hardcore fans not just of Ninty, but of gaming overall. The show opened up with Nintendo making fun of themselves and of their haters at the same time with a simulated fan reaction “Great, they’re gonna announce another Mario game?” which was replied to by a clay-mation (Robot Chicken-style) Reggie who replied that there would be something else instead for gamers to see. Mario got aggravated and started acting like he was gonna tear Reggie a new one, but the comedy and out of the ordinary presentations didn’t end there. Iwata and Reggie both were shown with black backgrounds and hands out by their sides closed-fisted as they re-enacted hilarious anime style battles against each other. By the end of this people could see that Nintendo wasn’t taking the hate seriously and was ready to confidently deliver entertainment to the world without missing a step.

The first segment focused on how players can integrate their own Mii characters into the new Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Wii U as well as explaining how this would work. There will be three main types of classes players can choose from. The Brawler (fast and powerful), Swordfighter (calm, calculated, and precise), and Gunner (projectile madness). Each character can select from 12 abilities and assign 1 of 4 special moves leaving 35 total moves to choose from and providing a diverse character creation system for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. It is unclear at this time if this feature will be on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, but that version was also shown and looked amazing for a handheld. Before moving on to the 3DS version of the game, it was also revealed that the support for Mii characters was left open-ended so that players could drop in their own custom-made characters like Ice T, Elijah Wood, or Abraham Lincoln which were given as examples and shown on the air.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. was not left out of things and has been given some detail as the game’s main Director discussed that the fighters, items, levels, and unique game modes were focused on specifically. This version of the game features new concepts like Free For All and optional graphics extensions such as character outlines for enhanced visibility during battle.

Next, Nintendo dropped a bomb on those of us who have a crew of friends that all rock the Wii U and feel very hyped for Super Smash Bros. A new product lineup called Amiibo was announced. Amiibo are small toys that communicate two-way data transfers with the Wii U GamePad. In the first reveal of Amiibo to the world, Reggie showed off his own small Mario figurine and let us know that in Smash Bros Amiibo will keep track of unique stats, experience, level ups, and abilities that players can bring from place to place without the need for an account. Mario Kart 8 will also gain support for these devices. Amiibo (much like everything in Nintendo’s E3 Conference) will be explained in further detail on other RealGamerNewz articles – but for the sake of time and also preserving the feeling Nintendo provided of self-explanatory awesomeness, allow us to proceed.

Yoshi: Wooly World is not a sequel to the earlier yarn-based game but instead a spiritual successor that is focusing on a pleasant exploration gameplay experience using wool to create a unique gameplay and visual presentation pairing providing a brand new world for players to take control of Yoshi in. During this segment, Nintendo developers were able to break it down for us as to what makes a Yoshi game different from a Mario game. While both are 2D platformers that have evolved to have advanced 3D graphics, Mario is about performing challenging tasks in a time limit whereas Yoshi games are more focused on exploring wide areas with no time limit. I didn’t even realize that until now, but Nintendo put us on the game as to the mechanics of their designs during this E3 without overloading us with information. Utilizing Yoshi’s tongue and abilities, players will be treated to an uplifting and positive game based on exploring and clearing a path for Yoshi.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a Nintendo Wii U game that will release this Holiday 2014 and is based off of Super Mario 3D World, but with a whole new spin to it. Captain Toad will b e able to do things like dig and levels are being designed to feel completely different as what is possibly one of the more creative and overlooked games of the conference aims to bring a new flavor of Nintendo gameplay to the gaming community.

After this game was revealed, Bowser was seen gifting a pink donut to Princess Toadstool who didn’t seem very happy with the main boss of Mario world villainy. After apologizing for kidnapping the Princess over 80 times, he shows his snake side again already by asking the Princess if she’s going to eat that last donut. Some people never change! She makes a face at him, picks up the donut, eats it, and walks away. He says to himself “I deserved that”. This shows Nintendo’s humor once again as well as their acknowledgement of criticisms in Bowser’s behavior over the years – made famous by artist Random AKA MegaRan’s song “A Letter to the Final Boss” which features lyrics like “This is a letter to the final boss / Kidnappin’ women? Not kind at all / In fact, it makes you seem kinda small / If you don’t mind, could you knock it off?”

The moving image above shows the final seconds of a new video we were given at the end of a decent explanation of what the next Legend of Zelda installment will be all about. Showing off all of the old Zelda games, and discussing the principles of them, Nintendo’s Zelda Director spoke about the challenges him and the other Zelda developers faced each time they made an installment. In order to make the game feel like it has a big huge open world that can be explored, past games had to improvise various techniques such as standalone islands that could be found and explored. The new world of Zelda was shown with mountains off in the distance that can be reached, and a clear potential for vast exploration.

It was announced that this game will no longer feature the necessity to play in a linear way. Players don’t have to do as much of an ordered sequence of gameplay as in past Zelda titles and instead will have the ability to roam completely free and see everything. The puzzle-based mechanics of the game will still be in play as, much like previous Zelda games, players must find out how to get to the areas they want to go to and will likely need to acquire specific items and use them in certain ways to get passed obstacles. However, this time it will be much more freedom-based according to Nintendo.

This new Legend of Zelda game does not have a name yet at this time but has a much more mature and advanced look to it in terms of graphics and level design. The art direction seemed a perfect mix of the mature Zelda all gamers have been dying for as well as the bright and colorful palette that helps define the franchise. Zelda for Wii U releases some time during 2015, next year.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire were given a quick promotion during the show and for those who didn’t know these are essentially re-invented from the ground up versions of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire from the GameBoy Advance days. These new titles will take the GBA Pokemon games and bring them up to speed with all the features of a title like Pokemon X as well as the graphical fidelity which gave a new living world feel on 3DS. November 2014 players will be able to pick these up worldwide.

Bayonetta 2 debuted a new extended gameplay trailer which looked surprisingly crazy. The game will launch with the original Bayonetta included and even a Zelda mod with fan service teased for the Metroid franchise possibly getting crossover material as well.

After this, Tecmo Koei and Omega Force spoke about Hyrule Warriors. In Hyrule Warriors players take on large armies of enemies with a detailed action battle map that gives them ahead notice and warning of what’s going on elsewhere in the battlefield, similar to the Dynasty Warriors games. Giant bosses inspired by the Zelda series appear, and players are tasked with learning how to take them down. It is obvious from what was shown that Omega Force was given complete freedom on creating this game but also pressure and has learned a lot from it. Expect to see this game launch with Hyrule Warriors name intact and September 26, 2014 release date announced. This Action Battle collaboration between Nintendo and Omega Force / Tecmo Koei allows for multiple armies, tells the tale of forces in trouble, and even features 2 player co-op with same-screen features instead of split-screen annoyance.

Playable characters for Hyrule Warriors include the following, each with their own unique attack style:

  • Link
  • Princess Zelda
  • Impa
  • Midna (from Twilight Princess)
  • And More.

In closing a dope Legend of Zelda anime miniature production was shown off with Kid Icarus and served as an elaborate way to introduce the new Princess Palutena character to the game. Fan service was given as her clothes loosely gripped her body and a half of a second glimpse into her figure was seen. This is likely to ruffle a few feathers in the feminist community, however the character was presented a strong woman who will battle among a set of male and female characters – so this shouldn’t be taken as a slight to any gender. The TreeTop stream was provided by Nintendo after their Press Conference as a way to announce and show off even more details behind the games that got revealed today, and featured developers as well as gameplay that will be featured on RealGamerNewz across this week.

The power of Nintendo’s E3 this year is that they didn’t really have to explain much. With ease they moved from trailer to trailer with very little interjection from developers, but even when developer did speak it was clear and concise and gave a window into the minds of the makers of some of gaming’s favorite franchises of all time. Take a look at the following trailers and then continue scrolling for our thoughts in the RealGamerNewz E3 Podcast as well as the information on Nintendo’s unique competitive multiplayer shooter Splatoon.

Splatoon is a game in which players’ main focus is to control territory. While playing as a part-squid / part-human character, gamers have to cover the ground with ink for their squid abilities to be given full effect. Swimming in ink as a squid, and shooting ink as a human converse each other as major gameplay mechanics. While players take part in Nintendo’s first party shooter for the Wii U, there is a large wide open level design philosophy at work here that keeps them from ever feeling like a bored lone wolf. In many ways this shooter is the opposite of generic. Teamwork is key as well. In four versus four combat, the Wii U GamePad is tilted to aim and displays a map showing all of the ink from all players which is on the ground at any given time. Teammates can jet through each other’s ink fast as well as get kills with the ink – meaning that ink is a defensive and offensive material at the same time.

Nintendo developers took a moment to explain to us that Nintendo prefers to design its games with the character first and find gameplay features that fit next. That is how they came up with the idea for a Squid / Human hybrid and now have gameplay fitting that concept so perfectly. If you’re swimming in ink that you yourself put down – you swim even faster. Other abilities await to be shown off as well with GamePad real-time sync revolutionizing the battlefield. But be careful, allies can also detect where you might  be and follow you through the ink. This can be used to your advantage at times as well with ambushes taking place. Enjoy our Final Verdict on Nintendo’s E3 2014 offerings below as well as the Splatoon trailer (featuring Gameplay) found above.

RealGamerNewz E3 Impressions (Recorded Live):

Final Verdict:

At the end of the day, Nintendo’s Press Conference was probably the most entertaining one of the year. All of this fun and excitement was offered, with very little to tax your brain about. Nintendo got straight to the point, straight to the hardcore gamers’ hearts, and showed excellent quality as well as quantity in games for the Wii U home console. The Nintendo 3DS was given a break, which is what we need to see since the Wii U has to be front and center stage this year – and it was! So many great, new concepts are being introduced by Nintendo that we no longer have worries about the long-term future of Nintendo’s Wii U platform and are very excited for their first party offerings.

They could have slightly improved the show to get back that tiny slice we nipped off include showing off indie titles which we loved seeing at their previous press shows, but were sadly absent from the E3 2014 Press Conference, and by showing a larger quantity of third party games which they’ll be releasing this year. That being said, I can see why they didn’t do this and the powerful presentation of completely top-end quality games more than made up for it. Nintendo gets a 9.8 out of 10 for this year’s E3 2014 Presentation making it a Platinum Conference on the RGN Rating scale. Power up Nintendo!

Thank you on behalf of the gamers.

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Press Conference

Editor’s Note: This rating is the opinion of the author and may / may not represent the opinions of other RGN Staff.

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