Space Run Review

Space Run is developed by Passtech Games out of Lyon, France. This is their first game on Steam and is shooting to be a real success. It’s being published by Focus Home Interactive. They have published titles such as; Bound by Flame, Wargame Red Dragon, Contrast, and Farming Simulator so they know a good game when they see one. The year is 2525 and Space was  the final frontier, well not anymore now that space is heavily filled with all kinds of danger such as; greedy space pirates, gigantic asteroids, hostile aliens, space monsters, and anomalies. The user will start the game playing as Captain Buck Mann a real hot shot pilot. A little bit about Buck? Well to start he doesn’t have a buck to his name, he has a gambling problem always deciding to bet on the wrong team or the wrong thing at the wrong time and owes a lot of money to the wrong people.

Buck is the best pilot in the galaxy, if not the whole universe, I mean come on – he once flew for the famous Earth Force and was really big in the space racing scene. Buck doesn’t fly alone though, he is accompanied by his android Adaam-12 who is a snarky robot that pretty much knows everything or at least everything that he is programmed to know. Buck and Adaam-12 have two mottos – “Fast Safe Delivery” and “When you need it there yesterday”. The two don’t ask any questions about the cargo, the only thing they ask is how much does the job pay. The cargo in Space Run varies by the company. There’s five different companies and all of them are really different. They are; Big Cargo, Nuclear Star, VIP travel, Out of this World, and AI Squared. All of these companies have small back-stories that are there as filler for the game in the form of dialogue before taking any of the jobs and is a nice touch for an indie studio to have provided.

Space Run is a real time strategy game and the point of it is to deliver product for the customer from one end of the level to the other. This seems like a fairly simple idea, and Space Run sticks to it. The ship that the user controls gives players access to the weapons on the ship and all the things that are working on the ship they won’t be controlling the ship itself its set to go straight since the game runs from left to right its a side scroller, the user can move the camera so that they can attack units better or adjust their units as they see needed. Cargo is very precise in Space Run so the user will need to build up an arsenal to protect their load from all kinds of in game hazards such as pirates, asteroids, aliens, and monsters.

Some of these modules include; Laser cannon, Missile launcher, Twin Blasters, and Rocket Battery. Each of these items can be upgraded in three tiers and this is done over time by getting in game currency and spending the currency to upgrade, in addition to these weapons there is additional weapons that are unlocked in the weapon tree all depends on the user play style. There is also defensive modules such as force field and ion cannon they also can be upgraded and lastly the utility modules which include; Space Thrusters, Power Generators, and High Drive Boosters. All of these modules keep the skill tree system fresh and allow freedom to the user to play the way they want to play.

The characters in the game are filler at best. Most of them give you a few dialogue moments but really don’t seem to add much to the experience. The enemies on-screen get more and more difficult with time starting with basic asteroids and enemy ships and getting harder and harder as the game progresses. When flying on the track the user will be timed because the faster they complete the job the more money they will make. During flight, the user will start out with one booster engine and all the cargo, and have to add more parts to their ship as they progress in the mission.

The user will blow up enemies and collect the currency which resembles golden hex bits in space and this is the currency during the mission which will allow the user to build new units, repair units, use special abilities of each unit, and re-orientated units so that they are aimed towards the correct position so that they can attack the enemy units efficiently.

Unfortunately, most of the time the game didn’t seem to pump players with enough resources to build quickly meaning it was very difficult to do enough damage to the enemy. The best solution that was found was to go back and do earlier missions and repeat them several times to earn up currency to complete missions with the next company.

Final Verdict:

Space Run is a great first game for developer Passtech Games who have brought forth a great amount of content in the game with plenty of gameplay to suit any RTS fan on the market looking to defend of space pirates. There is still a lot to improve on. The camera seems to be finicky at times and not having the ability to zoom in and out of your ship is really aggravating. A lot of time can be put into Space Run though, which gives it a medium replay ability depending on how much the user wants to put into switching their strategy as they go into battle.

Official Trailer:

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Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Passtech Games

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: Three digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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