BROFORCE Gameplay + Hands On Preview [HD]

Our Public Relations Editor Josh and I recently sat down for some killing time with BROFORCE and were pleased to discover a hilarious, over-the-top game with clear retro influences and references to games of yester-year. The title is still in Steam Early Access, and jumping in now will run you $14.99 – however, the amount of polish seen already and fluidity of experience says to us that this game is worth it.

In addition to a campaign resembling Super Meat Boy with big flippin’ guns, BROFORCE proceeds to stimulate the Dopamine dispensers in your brain (like any good murder simulator should!) with a cast of characters jumping all over pop culture, 80’s, 90’s, fiction, above, beyond, and comedic action with the grizzling brutality of high intensity, fast-paced 2D war experiences like Contra.

Bullet Hell? Hell Yes. 

BROFORCE comes equipped with “destructible everything” (according to the developer Free Lives), 4 player online and local multiplayer, campaign co-op, deathmatch, horde, explosion run, suicide mode, and more. There’s even a Level Editor and Level Sharing software kit built into the game off the bat so the community can get to work on expanding it and when the time comes expand the replay value and longevity of the game by adding free content to the internet for BROFORCE. Beyond that, the development studio themselves is far from done and will also be releasing new missions and ‘New Bros Every Month’.

Stay tuned for our Full RGN Review once the Final Build of BROFORCE is released!

RGN Video Gameplay + Hands-On Preview Podcast:

Preview Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this hands-on preview.

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