Goat Simulator Review

Every once in a while a game comes out that defies all logic and reason, and absolutely has no meaning to it whatsoever other than to provide entertainment to its players. Goat Simulator is one of those games. It’s chaotic, hilarious and absolutely makes no sense, which makes this game particularly difficult to review given that even the developer said that it would keep all the bugs save for the game crashing ones.

In space no one can hear you baaah…

Goat Simulator is a sandbox game in which you play a goat; there is no story, just pure unadulterated goat themed fun… for about 6-7 hours. The world provided is very limited and as are the things to do in it. Most of the jokes lose their potency very quickly because of the limited size of the world and therefore the limited content within, they are fun the first few times around, but it’s just that sacrificing people to a pentagram kind of losses it’s charm three or four times in. You get challenges that you can try to accomplish however there is no payoff for doing them and ultimately the points are pointless (no pun intended). There are collectables hidden and scattered around the world that unlock different goat skins with different powers that do add to the experience a bit.  Ultimately there is no progression whatsoever.

Final Verdict:

Don’t get me wrong, Goat Simulator is fun.

The core of the game is just running around head-butting things in order to send them flying or to get them to explode. Just about everything in the world is destructible and of course your powerhouse of an animal is capable of dismantling all of it. There are different items and powers your goat can acquire such as a jet-pack or demonic powers that send you souring sky high. On top of that you can use your goat’s tongue to drag things around the map setting elaborate traps for those pesky humans or just dragging something in the middle of the road to be hit by a speeding vehicle. The game is a total mess, but that’s what makes it so charming, so few games are so chaotic and unpredictable that being intentionally messy is a welcome charm of the game.

Overall Goat Simulator is a good game, it’s fun with some great ideas but due to its limited size falls short of being B-A-A-A-A-DAZZ.

-Hey… I needed to put a goat pun somewhere in here!

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Coffee Stain Studios

Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios

Available On: Windows PC

Steam Store Page Link

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