From the creators of the classic game “Chip’s Challenge” comes Chuck’s Challenge 3D a puzzle game.

Unless you skipped the very first line of this review (due to dry eyes) let me remind you that Chuck’s Challenge is a puzzle game. You play as Woop a game loving alien who loves to solve puzzles. Your Objective: get Woop to a portal that leads to the next level. However getting to the end will require you to solve various puzzles first. Woop can be controlled a number of different ways, you can use a mouse and click on where to go, or you can use the arrow keys or you could use a controller. All the controls work well with the game save for using the mouse; unfortunately the game will always take a different then intended path leaving you to click for almost every step because the pathing will sometime be a little wonky.

Woop abducts the human Chuck (who is a master game creator) in order to create games for him because Woop is bored. Chuck apparently immediately develops Stockholm syndrome because he absolutely has no problem with being abducted and in fact starts to enjoy creating games for Woop to play.

That is the extent of the story; most of the emphasis is put on the gameplay. However this is where the game falls short. For being a puzzler the game is rather straight forward, even in the more difficult challenges you can probably solve most of them in just under a minute. There is a feature where players create puzzles for other players to play, this provides a challenge although you will have to filter through a bunch of bad levels in order to find a good challenging player created level.

The “3D” boasted by the title mainly states the art direction of the game; using 3D models unlike its predecessor. The simplistic yet fun art design doesn’t get in the way of gameplay and fits the attitude of the game perfectly.

Overall I feel that Chuck’s Challenge is a fun game, with good visual direction and some fun online play, it is also not very difficult and can be completed very quickly, for these reasons I will Give it 75% and I would recommend getting it.

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Overall Score: 7.5/10
RGN Rating: Bronze Game
Developer: Niffler
Publisher: Nkidu Games

Available on: Steam and Google Play

Review Copy info: A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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