RealGamerNewz does not condone the act of cheating, glitching, or causing exploits – however, the only way to get these types of flaws ironed out in a game is for them to be discovered and brought to the attention of developers. Respawn Entertainment has already announced that they will be banning accounts guilty of these acts. A new glitch allowing Infinite Burn Cards has been revealed by the community recently and is the latest issue facing multiplayer gamers in Titanfall today.

Here are the instructions to performing this glitch as well as visual instructions below that, which were created by TeamBeyond.

Step #1. Get 1 Titan Burn Card.

Step #2. Equip that and two other Burn Cards (these two will be lost in the process).

Step #3. Join Match.

Step #4. When dead, pick Titan Burn Card (hover over it).

Step #5. Press Y.

Step #6. When Titan drops into the match, Press A on a different Burn Card.

Step #7. Respawn Entertainment and EA Games bans you, just kidding (but seriously, this may result in a ban).

[Some Info Sourced: Team Beyond]

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