Metal Slug 3: PC Review

Metal Slug 3 is a 2D side-scrolling action shooter from SNK Playmore and DotEmu for the PC, IOS and Android. MS3 is a port from the 2000’s Arcade/NEO GEO game of the same name. In MS3 you follow 4 soldiers (Marco, Tamara, Eri, and Fiolina) as they take on the evil forces of General Morden. The soldiers will have to hit the turf in many harsh environments, using many weapons and vehicles to mow down the enemy. The series is known is for its extreme difficulty and insane action and MS3 doesn’t divert from the formula. The player controls his/her soldier using the arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot, Z key to jump and shift key to throw bombs at their enemies. The controls are simple and responsive but movement is held a bit by the animations. This can be a problem but once players get accustomed to the controls the game will flow more smoothly.

When each mission starts you will have to clear it while taking no damage and freeing hostages that will give you power ups and food that will increase your score. MS3 also sports some of the most amazing bosses ever seen in the video games and the regular enemy types are no slouch either as you will face wave after wave of soldiers, crabs, zombies, among other zany foes. In other side-scroller games the player is forced upon a fixed map going from point A to point B but in Metal Slug 3 the levels have branching paths that over new areas to explore and finish the mission. If gamers are stuck in one path during their current play through when they restart the level they can try their luck with another path making the replay value of this game very high.

MS3 is a fourteen year old game but holds up pretty well. In this game players will die and lose a lot but it won’t matter because they will have to much fun playing through each level. The game can be played solo or with a friend offline and online. The difficulty can be changed from easy to very hard which ramps up the enemy AI and cuts down the number of stock lives and continues. In MS3’s options menu players can change their controls from keyboard (or touch screen) to gamepad with easy and can assign buttons anywhere they like. The game’s visuals also hold up all the characters carry a cartoonish yet realistic feel a la “Advance Wars” but is also hyper violent and graphic.

The soldiers and the enemies die in some of the most horrible and gruesome death animations ever seen a video game. The voice acting, sound effects, and voice acting add vibrance to an already colorful world. The sights and sounds of the battlefield really drive home the sense of urgency . The lack of extra features or special features hamper this re-release of Metal Slugs 3 other than the online mode that is the only new addition to this game but that is ok. If you a gamer that remembers the joy of seeing this game in the early 2000s in arcade right before the death of Co-op machines, a SNK fan or just a gamer that wants more challenge not available in other games, then pick up Metal Slug 3.

Final Verdict:

Metal Slug 3 is a solid 2D action game that stands the test of time. The only things that may hold the game back is the difficulty and extras or the lack of there of but gamers will fall in love the game and probably won’t put it down.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Game

Developer DotEmu / SNK Playmore

Publisher: SNK Playmore

Available On: PC | iOS | Android

Played On: Windows PC & Android

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