New Hitman Game of 2015 Delayed to March 2016 for More Content

Io-Interactive has made the decision and announced that the next title in a series of unforgettable stealth action / adventure shooter games “HITMAN” for Xbox ONE, PS4, and Windows PC will be delayed until March of 2016. When stating reason for such a delay, Io-Interactive development studio members claimed that there’s a real focus on adding more content to the base-game before launch as well as the standard expectation of more polish being put over the graphics, as well as any remaining bug-fix work that may need to be finished.

This will be the first Hitman game to allow new missions to be downloaded and installed later down the line, so ensuring that enough content is in the initial package for customers who are likely to be shelling out $60 a copy is a good one to take into account. That being said, the game is looking pretty huge gameplay-wise and we’ve got the following infograph to prove it, but don’t miss the E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer for Hitman below, if you haven’t seen it back in June:

Hitman E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer:


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