Dead Rising 3 Xbox ONE Review

Dead Rising 3 is a 3rd Person Survival Horror Game from Capcom Vancouver for the Xbox ONE. DR3 is the sequel to 2006’s Dead Rising and 2010’s Dead Rising 2. In DR3 you are Nick Ramos a young mechanic who is trying to make it out of Los Perdidos, California with his love ones before the military destroys the city to eradicate a zombie outbreak that has crippled the city. The characters that Nick will encounter are both new and old; friend and foe, with no one being exactly who they seem.

Nick will have to traverse with his team across the zombie infested city, helping and saving others to survive. Nick can use almost every item in the game world as a weapon and can create combo weapons on the fly by fusing to separate ones together. Nick can even take two vehicles together to make a combo vehicle most sporting on board weaponry and space for other to ride with him.

The game also adds combo food to the mix  where players find leftover food that is lying around the game world and fuse them together to make a stronger health item. The combo feature use to be restricted to a workbench in the past titles but it is done away for good measure. Nick will need all of his wits, strength and weapons, knowledge as thousands of zombies flood the streets and make it out before the bombs drop. The game also brings back the time limit system to encourage multiple play-throughs of the game. Nick will not be alone players can set up their campaigns to have other players to join in and aid them during their quest.

In DR3 every Zombie you kill, every mission you complete, every combo you create and every collectible you find gives your experiences points to level up. Every time Nick levels up he gains power points that can be used to upgrade his skills to better help him in the field. Players who complete certain side missions and defeat bosses will also garner them power points to spend upgrading Nick.

The controls of DR3 are very responsive but take some time to get use to. The shoulder buttons are use to aim, shoot or throw items as well as run. The face buttons on the Xbox ONE controller allow you to attack, pick up items and weapons and interact with the game world and the thumb sticks are to move. If you have the Kinect activated you can use it to alert zombies, drop items and other actions. If you have the Xbox ONE Smart Glass app on your mobile device you can unlock extra missions as well as special weapons and items only available in the app.

Nick will have lot of ways to kill and dispatch Zombies and the other enemies. The combat is very fun and with the massive hordes of enemies to kill  players will have a hard time completing missions because they will be too busy  mowing down the undead.

The combo weapons go from extreme powerful to insanely comical but get the job down none the less. The combo vehicles also make it easier to traverse the land without being held up but the zombies who greatly outnumber you no matter where you are. It would be impossible to complete some of the games missions with out these vehicles as you frequently have to travel back and forth through the game world. Players will also get lost in DR3 due to the games’ lackluster waypoint system.

In a game world that is primarily made up of buildings and road the waypoint system fails to do its job on telling the player where they need to go and will eat up precious time they will need to complete the game. The game is also has heavy frame rate issues slows down and glitches when the player kills a horde a zombies and populates them instantly. The game will slow down to a screeching halt and some players will have to quit the game and start at their last checkpoint.

The graphics in Dead Rising 3 are detailed yet stale. It appears the engine used on the Xbox 360 was overhauled to bring the game to the Xbox One and it really shows. The details on the character models look great but the bland color palette couple really does set back the interesting fictional California town.

The sound design is top notch and grand in scale, players will hear every slash, shot, and blast of each weapon they wield, as well as each blow they land on the undead. The vehicles all sound like their real world counterparts which is surprising because this is not a racing game and gamers will hear radio stations play music from time to time. Dead Rising 3 may have its flaws but its fun and addicting gameplay make it a must own for Xbox ONE owners.

Final Verdict:

Dead Rising 3 is a fun romp through the Zombie apocalypse. The core gameplay mechanics from the series have been refined and updated to streamline the game experience and adds freshness to the title. While DR3 isn’t perfect it still delivers a deep and exceptional gameplay experience that fans of the series will love and newcomers will appreciate. Dead Rising 3 is hands down the best game on the Xbox ONE and every owner should add it to their collection.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.75 / 10

RGN Rating : Silver Game

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Available On: Xbox ONE

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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