New Gears Of War – The Vision And The Rumors :: Black Tusk Studios

For those who might not already know, Microsoft has acquired the rights to Gear Of War as their own intellectual property / franchise now. Epic Games will be followed up by the development firm Black Tusk Studios who has been essentially working on Microsoft’s secret weapon since 2012. Beyond that, Black Tusk will now produce a New Gears Of War game for the Xbox ONE.

First off, Rod F. has left Epic Games and is now with Black Tusk, therefore the project is still being headed by a Gears Of War developer veteran. Beyond that, it is rumored that Black Tusk is going to introduce the ability for players to bet real life money into the Gears Of War online multiplayer. SmartGlass support is supposed to be in development for the New Gears Of War as well.

According to inside sources, MS and Black Tusk considered calling the game “New Gears Of War” but are leaning towards a strong “No” because of Nintendo’s “New Super Mario Bros.” series already holding a similar naming convention.

What we know for sure based on the hirings and job openings going on in regards to the project is that Black Tusk aims to bring together a vision of real, powerful, and emotional struggle on-screen while providing an even more intense battle than ever before possible on last generation hardware. The title’s job listings call for a major improvement on the conversations characters have, the events that take place in their story, and the overall relevance of each scene. It’s great to see such a behemoth publisher working with Black Tusk to actually address the issues of past GoW games in a meaningful way.

Stay tuned to our dedicated Gears Of War Channel for the latest info and to see which of these rumored visions end up in the final game or on the cutting room floor.

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