Long Live The Queen Post-Mortem Review

In Long Live The Queen players take control of a Crown Princess who will become Queen and is constantly having every facet of her character tested. It seems like no matter what players do and how they build up the Crown Princess, something isn’t good enough. This is a frustration but at the same time the game is well put together enough that this also encourages multiple play-throughs and mastery of the mechanics. This means Long Live The Queen achieves a large amount of replay value, albeit at the cost of being an addiction and very difficult to master title.

Players must build her up the way you want by selecting what she is educated about week such as Public Speaking, Naval Strategy, or Internal Affairs. It would be a good idea to focus on the history of the land, foreign affairs, and then once mastered move on to maintaining a graceful presence. However, it can be really difficult to narrow down just which aspects of royal preparation will end up being the most important as players go through the events of Long Live The Queen which take place in the midst of a deeply back-storied tale. There is so much lore to be learned in this game that not only is the player often overwhelmed by it, but the character which they control as well.

Players also have the opportunity to change the mood of the character each weekend by selecting where and how to spend the time. For example, sneaking out can increase the will power of the individual’s character yet everything comes at a cost and this can cause some amount of loneliness over time.

Some exciting moments are found where otherwise pre-scripted events seemingly come out of nowhere and changed based on the skills the player has built up. For example if your character is rushed and reaches for a blunt object, but you’re skill lies exclusively in swords – then you’ll miss your target and need the assistance of the guards to skim passed the situation unharmed. Other moments come up in which players must decide the fate of those who are accused of crimes. In these cases it is important to have the ability to sense things and discern the reality of a situation. Executions, imprisonment, or freedom rests at the click of a button and the decisions the Crown Princess makes sometimes have rippling effects on what happens down the line and how those that are royal feel about the character.

Final Verdict:

All in all, Long Live The Queen is a very different type of game that many players will appreciate for its originality. The complex, yet elegant system of choice branched opportunities in a story-drive narrative gameplay experience (though mostly done through a graphics user interface made up of several menus) will keep players replaying this game a decent amount of times before feeling bored with it. Still, that being said while the game does accomplish its vision and goal – a more interactive experience as opposed to the flood of menu and dialogue would enable this title to reach a much wider audience. For what it aims to be, Long Live The Queen is an extremely interesting game that should not be missed.

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Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating : Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher : Hanako Games

Available On: PC | Mac OS X | Linux

Played On: Windows PC

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