One-Man GameJam Livestreamed By The President of Vintage Games

***UPDATE: The stream is now Over (view replay below). Original unedited post is underneath the stream***

2pm – 10pm EST


Two previous games that were developed in 8 hour, one-man game jams:

Gloving Lawyer: Lord of Bird Law

World of Nagatanks

You may recall that we recently announced a One-Man GameJam being planned for Livestream by Dan Bisciglia (or as we like to call him Dan BroFistia) the President of Vintage Games in which an entire game will be developed from scratch as viewers watch on and contribute to the chaotic mind meltdown that must occur during such a frantic yet calculated process. This is not Dan’s first time, and a concept has already been planned out as he discussed with us on iRGN Episode #2 so rest assured this is well worth the viewing. Did we mention he also produces his own music, and is a pretty badAzZ 8-bit producer too? Click the Soundcloud logo below for more on that.

In just 3 hours the stream goes live, and you can of course tune back in here to see it – but what kind of heartless monsters would we be if we didn’t also hook you up with a direct source? Make sure to follow Vintage Games using the following pretty links below!!! (NOTE: Click each image to be connected with the Vintage Games social account it represents, more info coming later and the Livestream itself will also be syndicated on for your convenience).

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